The Evil Within will have to remain there for just a little while longer, till October 21

Looks like the evil of this chap is very much without.

Did you know, Bethesda didn’t publish a single game last year? It sounds like nonsense, but it’s true: beyond Dishonored’s essential DLC campaign, the Bethesda-Zenimax monster kept its head below the water and plotted Elder Scrolls Online subscription plans.

Between ESO, Wolfenstein and The Evil Within, though, they’re now in danger of putting out three whole games before the end of 2014 – a fact sufficiently alarming to have delayed the latter into the Autumn.

The Evil Within is a game about fleshy things with too many limbs trying to hug you, made by the man most loved for Resident Evil 4 – Shinji Mikami.

It’s Mikami and his studio, Tango Gameworks, who requested a couple of extra months from their masters to refine the business of horrifying everybody. Bethesda relented, and the game has lurched from its expected August date to October 21.

The latest Evil Within trailer was sort of creepy, then very creepy, then kind of nice, but then very creepy again.

It frightened the willies out of PAX East, and clearly August too. How about you?