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Alpha predator: Evolve testing sign-up now open for Americans

Evolve: a four-versus-one tank hunt?

Will Evolve be a successful new species, or a dead end? A surefire way to find out would be to sign up to test Turtle Rock’s first-person monster hunter first-hand. We English aren’t eligible - the official site’s tweed-detectors were going off before I’d even offered my email address. But if you’re across the Atlantic, you can sign up and await further instruction.

Head to the sign-up page and use the password ‘happyhunting’.

You’ll need to be living in North America, have a valid Steam account, and be able to “support a large coordinated user test”. Perhaps expect a stress test weekend or too, then, rather than a prolonged public alpha period.

2K ask that you sign up on the PC you plan to play on, and provide a few hardware pointers to ensure you can run the game.

There’ll be no YouTube previews or Reddit summaries to emerge after the event, unfortunately - testers will agree to “not discuss or disclose anything” about what they play.

Turtle Rock hope to confirm the list of alpha participants by tomorrow, at which point they’ll be in contact with the lucky few.

Evolve is expected in October. Are you sold on its irregular monster-hunting concept? Our Rob worried it plays a little too much like Left 4 Dead’s Tank: The Game.

Thanks, VG247.

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Ocid avatarShriven avatar
Ocid Avatar
3 Years ago

I'm sure an NDA will hold up well when asking random people to sign up.

Why is it limited to North America though?

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Its usually because of ping. They havnt got any contracts set up worldwide yet for server hosts so, they just set them up near home. Then once its stable, they expand.

TLDR. Money. Its cheaper and more manageable to develop close to home-base.

Ocid Avatar
3 Years ago

Yeah I understand the ping reason but surely if you want to test your game then you let all sorts of people in from low to high and everything in between because people will want to play with others from across the globe.

Hasn't stopped plenty of other fps's(?) from opening it up worldwide.