Evolve’s new hunter is an anti-medic droid named Emet

Evolve Emet

Hey, remember Evolve? It came out this year (honestly it did), and it’s like Left 4 Dead but there’s monsters controlled by a player. Four co-op players all act as ‘hunters’ to try any kill the fifth player, and just in time for Christmas there’s a new hunter you can play as. Meet Emet: a maniac robot intent on murder.

If Evolve isn’t to your hunting tastes, perhaps one of the best shooters on PC will have something you’ll enjoy blasting to bits.

“E.M.E.T. drones are used throughout the galaxy whenever disaster strikes and injured people need medical attention,” reveals Evolve’s website. “They are reliable medical techs but not very good in battle situations, so Jack shoved a death commando logic core into this one!”

If you decide to buy into Emet, you’ll be able to equip his Replay Cannon, a device that shoots a tracking dark that attracts rapid-fire homing missiles. He’s also packing Healing Buys to keep nearby buddies in tip-top condition, and a Respawn Beacon that teleports respawning players to the battlefield, rather than requiring them to jump from the Dropship.

Emet is joined by Evolve update 7, a patch fixing and re-balancing various issues in the game, as well as Hunter adaptations in the form of Wasteland Maggie and Tech Sgt. Hank.

Are you one of Evolve’s few remaining loyal players? If you’re a lapsed player, is Emet the bait you need to return?

Thanks, PC Gamer.