Evolve’s getting green skins for St. Patrick’s Day

Evolve St. Patrick's Day event

I continue to be baffled by America’s obsession with Ireland’s patron saint, but I suppose it’s really more about making stuff green and drinking a lot of Guinness. In the far flung future of Turtle Rock’s Evolve, St. Patrick’s is celebrated by slaughtering monsters. And that is not without its rewards

Evolve’s St Patrick’s Day event will run from Thursday night until Sunday, and poses one task: as a community, win 35,000 games with Griffin, who is Australian and thus closer to being Irish than, say, one of the alien monsters.

If the community manages to succeed, everyone who plays during the event will received special skins for their trappers. And wouldn’t you know, the skins are mostly green. Because Ireland.

Evolve on PC hasn’t been doing so well, and continues to lose players, but with the console lot involved, the goal seems achievable.

The skin rewards will be doled out on March 31st.