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Is Exoprimal Steam Deck compatible?

You shouldn't have any issues playing Capcom's Exoprimal on your Steam Deck, but this brand-new dinosaur romp is a few bones shy of being officially compatible.

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Is Exoprimal Steam Deck compatible? Exoprimal looks to be not just another stellar release from Capcom, but an excellent title to pick up and play on your Steam Deck.

The action-adventure game has you in teams, suited up and pitted against swarms of angry dinosaurs. Although it turned out not to be the next game in Capcom’s beloved Dino Crisis series, Exoprimal shows signs of being one of the best Steam Deck games and another roar-some addition to the Valve handheld’s library as a whole.

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Is Exoprimal Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Exoprimal is Steam Deck compatible, but it hasn’t received Valve’s coveted Verified status. Capcom’s latest team-based action game has been deemed playable by Valve on the official Steam page.

Exoprimal does run well graphically on the handheld, with many finding success by trying out the game during its Open Beta test. However, some in-game text is difficult to read on the 800p screen, and occasionally Exoprimal will display mouse, keyboard, and non-Steam Deck controller icons during gameplay.

The system requirements for the latest Capcom game aren’t very demanding, requiring an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or an AMD Radeon RX 560, at a minimum. Although the recommended specs are a little more burdensome, it’s nothing too outrageous, which bodes well for how we can expect the game to run on the Steam Deck.

Check out the Exoprimal system requirements if you’re planning to play on the PC instead come the game’s launch on July 14. Don’t forget to also take a look at the best graphics cards if your PC isn’t as well-equipped as the Steam Deck for taking out swarms of dinos.