F1 2016’s career mode trailer shows on-track car action and off-track people action

F1 2016

F1 2016’s career mode won’t just be about driving a car good, it will also be about upgrading your car good, and even talking good.  

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In F1 2016’s Career Mode, you’ll select your character, helmet, race number, team and team-mate before heading on to the track – it seems like a single-player mode that’s as interested in the player’s story as it is making the cars look nice.

Your team selection acts kind of like a difficulty slider, with higher ranking teams having higher expectations.

It looks like it’s aiming for authenticity as much as possible, with players having to weave during a formation lap to warm their tires ready for the race – you even have to start races manually, balancing your revs and releasing the clutch at the right time.

If you choose, even pit lane entry is manual, too, making it so you have to balance your speed to avoid penalties while not losing too much time.

Off-track, you’ll be visiting the Paddock and Hospitality areas to speak to consultants and decide your car’s upgrade path. You can also upgrade your team or negotiate with your agent to move into better ranking teams.

It was also announced today that F1 2016 will feature Multiplayer Championship, a new game mode that allows up to 22 players to compete against each other over the course of a season. The new mode allows players to race as team mates or to battle it out as different teams as well as offering possibilities for league play.

F1 2016 is out on August 19.