F1 2016 fills the grid with human opponents in 22-car multiplayer

F1 2016

F1 2016 is improving on its last annual iteration by filling the starting grid of multiplayer with human opponents, which will almost certainly lead to 22-car pile-ups.

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In Formula 1’s next official game, full-size races packed full of real, error-making humans will be tearing up any of the 21 circuits of the FIA world championship when the game releases on August 19.

Along with the expanded multiplayer size, gameplay changes will also be increasing the seeming reality of this year’s title with safety cars, warm-up laps, manual race starts and full-control pit stops adding to the list of things you need to remember while driving very fast.

“We strive to create a game that is as close to the actual sport as possible,” said principal game designer Lee Mather. “We have listened to the feedback from our community and that has resulted in us introducing the Safety Car, Virtual Safety Car, Formation Lap, manual race starts and the host of other gameplay features that get us even closer to the real sport and add to the experience for the player.

It’s often a little difficult to keep to the clean, efficient braking lines Formula 1 cars need for good lap times when you’re only controlling a virtual representation with no tactile feedback, but Mather’s seems to think that adding more humans to that chaos will only improve the experience.

“Increasing the multiplayer support to 22 players was extremely important to us,” he said. “We want to be able to fill the whole grid with human players to create those great race moments and stories. It also provides greater support for online leagues.”