Check out F1 2017’s “massively expanded career” in a brand new trailer

F1 2017

Racing the fastest, most expensive cars is truly the most videogame-like sport – upgrade your parts, come at the top of leaderboards, and so on. All while in the comfort of your favourite seat. The next F1 game – F1 2017 – is going to try and be a bit more lifelike, though, as it’s got a “massively expanded career” mode, complete with an RPG-style progression system.

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It’s building on the existing career mode, introducing “invitational events at key points during the regular F1 season” that can range from plain time attack to a special event called pursuit. In these events, there will be 12 “classic” F1 cars to use (although one, the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 is exclusive to Day One copies of the game for a limited time).

You can see all of that and a bit more in the trailer above, including a glimpse at the ‘Monaco at night’ track which shows off quite how good the game can look.

For things not shown in that trailer: there are also now female driver avatars, an upgrade on last year’s edition of the game, and new paddock locations to use.

F1 2017 comes out on August 25, and you can see more trailers on the official Steam store page.