Fable Anniversary coming to PC by popular demand

Fable Anniversary on PC

It looks like Fable Anniversary is making its way onto Steam, a teaser trailer from Lionhead Studios revealed today. It originally launched on Xbox 360 earlier this year to mixed reception. 

Not so mixed, however, that a lot of people haven’t been begging Lionhead to slap it on PC, as well. 

“Since launching Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360, we’ve been inundated with requests to bring the game to PC,” says Lionhead in the video’s description on YouTube. The trailer recreates these requests, ending with a Steam notification popping up showing the game being played.

Fable Anniversary is the original Fable and the Lost Chapters expansion, but given an HD makeover. The game design really hasn’t aged well, but playing it is interesting, if only to see how the series got its start. While Fable 2 improved many features, it’s the original that struck a chord with me the most, even if it was overshadowed by Molyneux’s now expected over-promising.