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Fantasy city builder launches to strong Steam player count and reviews

Fabledom, a fantasy city builder like Against the Storm and The Settlers, has launched to positive reviews and high player counts on Steam.

After spending a while in Early Access on Steam, Fabledom has launched its 1.0 version, offering a fairy tale inspired city builder to players who might have had their fill of the grittier form of the genre seen in the recent Manor Lords or upcoming Frostpunk 2. Unlike those games, Fabledom looks to sources of inspiration like the fantasy tinged The Settlers or, more recently, Against the Storm, combining these influences with a bubbly cartoon aesthetic. Its execution of this premise seems to be working, with positive reviews and a healthy player base forming around the game in the days since its 1.0 launch on Steam.

Fabledom makes a strong first impression based on its colorful, laid back approach to the city building game. Beyond its tone, though, is a solid concept that sees players guiding the growth of a community from a tiny village to a bustling fantasy kingdom. There are also romance and army maintenance systems, and a diplomacy mechanic that sees the player’s kingdom trading and establishing political relationships with the other powers in the land.

Fantasy city builder launches to strong Steam player count and reviews: A screenshot of Fabledom's Steam player count.

It’s been performing well on Steam since its 1.0 launch earlier this week. At the time of writing, Fabledom has reached an all time and 24 hour peak player count of 3,718 players, with 3,460 currently in game. Its reception has been great as well, with 3,263 reviews giving it an 88% or Very Positive rating.

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Fabledom is discounted by 35% on Steam right now to celebrate its 1.0 launch, bringing its price down to $13.64 USD / £11.43 from now until May 27. Grab a copy right here.

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