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THQ Nordic’s Fade to Silence is a survival game set in a frozen apocalypse

fade to silence

Set to be announced during The Game Awards, the new game from THQ Nordic has been leaked through an early Steam store listing discovered by lashman on Twitter. That game is Fade to Silence, a survival title set in a post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland.

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You play as Ash, a “natural but tormented leader,” set to establish a refuge for others against an unrelenting winter and eldritch monsters. You’ll be gathering followers for that refuge, each of which will have their own skillsets and character traits to aid in collecting better resources and building better gear. You’ll be faced with harsh choices on who to recruit and who to leave behind as you build your base.

Monsters will be part of the world, but the biggest danger comes from the harsh winter itself. There’s a dynamic weather system that will challenge you to accurately read the weather patterns in order to determine when it’s safe to go outside and scrounge for the resources you need. You’ll also have access to a wolf sled to make even longer expeditions.

Fade to Silence will launch in Early Access on December 14, with a final release scheduled for August of next year. Most of the basic systems are already in the game, and the next months will see the world expanded, a full story introduced, and more followers to recruit and choices to make.

This title is actually developed by Black Forest Games, whose previous games have included the modern Giana Sisters titles and, a bit less auspicious, the recent Bubsy revival. THQ Nordic had a countdown website teasing the new game, and the final hours of that countdown are still ticking down as of this post, concluding during The Game Awards. It’s safe to expect a trailer to be shown there.