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Star Citizen and Homeworld combine in new space RTS coming to Steam

Star Citizen, Homeworld, and maybe a little Starfield and Age of Empires, blend seamlessly for a coming Steam RTS with a huge new trailer.

Falling Frontier Steam RTS game: A huge spacecraft from Steam RTS game Falling Frontier

Vast, complex, and sometimes bewildering, even the most ardent Star Citizen avoider is likely to be impressed by its hard sci-fi aesthetic, and its focus on intricate ship design. Similarly, we’re all eagerly anticipating the return of a classic RTS with Homeworld 3, which takes the base building, army raising, and colony forging of stalwarts like Age of Empires, and shoots them off into space. It’s been almost ten years since the Homeworld Remastered Collection. With Bethesda’s Starfield falling short of expectations, we’re longing for a new, thrilling galactic adventure. From Hooded Horse, the publisher behind Against The Storm and Manor Lords, an upcoming space strategy game finally has a huge new trailer. Blending Star Citizen’s robust visual style with the grandeur and spectacle of Homeworld, this is absolutely one to watch.

Falling Frontier takes the traditions of strategy and RTS games but adds various new layers of tension and drama. As an expeditionary force that has just completed construction on a new spaceport, you are suddenly thrown into a violent colonial conflict between the infant empires of Titan and Venus. The universe is vast and procedurally generated, and you can build spaceports, refineries, supply depots, and recon stations to help expand your influence and keep your enemy at bay.

Things get more in-depth when you enter combat. Rather than just combining all your units into one overwhelmingly powerful army, you have to assign smaller forces and less-powerful units to defend key outposts, lest they’re overrun by guerilla armies.

Likewise, you don’t just click on an enemy unit and wait for your ships to destroy it, with one action – you can select specific locations and weak spots to focus your fire. You also need to be mindful of your formations, as shots may ricochet from the enemy’s shields and obliterate your own ships. Check out the new Falling Frontier trailer below, which introduces a revamped UI, an improved ship designer, an in-depth look at combat, and more.

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Ships are managed by individual commanders and crew members whose personalities and characteristics can affect performance in battle. You can even capture and interrogate enemy captains, or leave them floating in their escape pods to act as bait for a recovery force. Falling Frontier has 20 different base ship types, but they can each be upgraded and customized precisely to your liking.

Falling Frontier is expected to launch into Steam Early Access in 2025. If you want to wishlist it now, however, you can do so right here.

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