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Bethesda's Creation Club is forcing players to auto-download unpurchased mod files

Fallout 4

Bethesda’s Creation Club has had a bumpy start, and now players are complaining that the beta is forcing players to stealth-download files for every mod available on Creation Club without permission. 

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“Thank you for the bug fixes (whatever they may have been), but no thanks to crap files we don’t need auto downloading,” alt3rn1ty writes in the game's forums. “Community mod managers are going to have to be careful not to accidentally sweep this stuff away as well, so every CC file that comes out will have to go on a whitelist? Thanks for that idea. Not.”

“You just used MY bandwidth, and MY system and storage for something you are trying to SELL me. All without asking/telling me,” BlueBeer adds.

Cartogriffi, a Bethesda community manager, has responded to the complaint and confirmed the issue's been added to Creation Club’s Known Issues list.

“Hi everyone, we’re working on solutions that would not require Creation Club archives be part of the game’s patch,” Cartogriffi says. “We are certainly listening to everything people are saying, and appreciate the constructive feedback, both positive and negative.”

Unfortunately, that’s not all. While it remains to be seen quite how extensive the problem is, some players are also reporting that their Creation Club mods, such as Pip-Boy Skins, are fatally conflicting with their free ones. The auto-alphabetising of file names, too, has caused problems, interferring with the game's mod load order.

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YesIAmTheSpaceman avatar
YesIAmTheSpaceman Avatar
7 Months ago

They don't need to 'work on solutions'. There is literally only one solution: don't force what could end up as gigabytes of unusable file memory onto hard drives and purchase-lock them. Do what literally everybody else does and download specific mods to systems when they are purchased, and not a kb else

If I buy zero paid mods, my system should have 0 bytes of memory dedicated to them. If I buy some random Prey skin, download the files that I need for that (and only that) once I've purchased it. The idea, I believe, is that they want it all there at once to speed up monetization and create some unnecessary window for ease of access. Take Two Interactive recently spoke on how they could squeeze more money out of their GTA Online consumers by making microtransactions a literal afterthought. When people have to wait on downloads in Creation Club, it gives them time to stop and think and maybe exercise some self-control.

The literal only reason I can think of for Bethesda to do this is to get impulse buyers to click that purchase button more times over a short span