Fallout 4 got 131 new mods so far today, and one of them looks like this

Fallout 4 excellent gorilla mod

I’ll spare you the opening joke in which I pretend Fallout 4 is an obscure indie game, or that somehow you haven’t heard of it. Instead I’ll say this: a lot of people are modding the game, and they’re all taking it in very different directions. All of them, inevitably, make me at least faintly uncomfortable.

Looking to sort the wheat from the chaff? Head over to our best Fallout 4 PC mods and be done with this silliness.

In the case of IMMA GORILLA (pictured above), a texture mod that turns your power armour into Satan’s own depiction of a simian, you can replace “fairly uncomfortable” with “literally unplugging my router and spending the night inside my wardrobe.”

Often we hear about how game developers got their big breaks by being picked out of a modding scene and given a job on the next game. I’m not saying that definitely won’t happen to IMMA GORILLA’s creator, xxdeathknight72xx – I’m saying Fallout 5 is going to be real departure from previous series entrants if so.

I’m getting that number from Fallout Nexus, by the way, so I suppose it’s possible that there are way more mods out there, being applied to the base game away from prying eyes. Not that prying eyes seem any concern the creators of ‘Bare Essentials’, ‘Laundered White Nurse Dress’, ‘Sexy Sarah’ and other recent Nexus listings that I’m not opening up on my work computer. No way.

In among the more suspect user-created content is a real emerging trend in flag replacements, a few faces that look halfway towards the character they’re supposed to be, and my personal pick, Angry Birds. Rather than adding a playable facsimile of the mobile smash to your Pip Boy as you might assume given the title, Angry Birds instead boosts the waveform of avian audio files so you can hear the in-game cawing much more clearly. Finally.

There are quite a few promising mod projects too, of course, but they’re less fun to talk about – and that’s what our best Fallout mods feature (see top of story) is for, anyway. Now, let’s all try to mentally scrub that gorilla out of our conscious minds. Good luck.