The best Fallout 4 mods

Best Fallout 4 mods

With Fallout 4 on PC, of course the mod community is out in force. Official PC modding support for Fallout 4 is open for business at the Bethesda Mods page, and the Fallout 4 Nexus has hundreds of mods available. If you’re looking to make the game more beautiful, add some new features, or even play the game as a dog, modding is the way forward.

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We've picked more than 50 of the best mods out there to get you well on your way to a more interesting Boston Wasteland. 

How do I install Fallout 4 mods?

Fallout 4 isn’t always the easiest game to mod. Integrated mod support is now available from Fallout's main menu, and links to the Bethesda Mods page where you can find hundreds of officially approved mods. Perhaps one day we'll see Steam Workshop integration like with Skyrim, too. But if you're using mods found at the Fallout 4 Nexus you’ll need to do a bit of messing in the game’s install folders. Thankfully Fallout Nexus have made these two videos that quickly explain how to prepare Fallout 4 for modding, and how to manually install mods. 

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Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Fallout 4 mod Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Sometimes the community are the best people to turn to when things go wrong. As we’ve come to expect from Bethesda, Fallout 4 is as buggy as it is vast, and even the game’s own programmers haven't managed to squash every issue. The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is a set of fixes from the mod community that aims to fix every problem not addressed in the official patches. It may not add a cool new gun or open up a fantastic quest line, but it goes a long way to making Fallout 4 a smoother experience.  

Fallout 4 Script Extender

The Fallout 4 script extender gets a special mention. The previous iterations of the tool for other Bethesda games have been vital to the modding community and a needed install to run anything more complex than basic functionality changes. Script extenders increase the game's capacity for alteration, letting modders write more complex code for it to process. If and when they do, players need it installed as well to handle those mods. Prospective tinkerers can grab the the current version from the script extender site.

Fallout 4 Graphics Mods

Fallout Seasons

Fallout 4 mods seasons

The Boston wastes are perpetually stuck in a sort of late-spring time warp where the climate never changes. Tailor your game to the season of your choice with this mod, which provides a variety of textures to repaint the Commonwealth in spring, summer, autumn, or winter colours. It’s not quite advanced enough to offer a season cycle, but with a simple adjustment of some files you can easily add some warmth or chill to your adventure.   

Fallout 4 Cel-shaded

Fallout 4 mods cell-shaded

Fallout’s semi-realistic art style is often beautiful, and just as frequently hideous. If its inconsistencies annoy you, perhaps throwing it through SweetFX and turning it into this cel-shaded comic book is for you. The result is, naturally, Borderlands by Bethesda, but it works exceptionally well for a mod that simply retro-fits filters over everything. 

Enhanced Wasteland

Fallout 4 mod sweetfx preset

Fallout 4 is a pretty handsome game, even if it does suffer from some technical hang-ups. Its world is full of colourful places, be that the swirling green nuclear fogs of the Glowing Sea, the reds and blues of Boston’s wooden housing, or the earthy tones of its rural districts. But while more colourful than previous games in the series, Fallout 4 is still quite washed out. The Enhanced Wasteland Preset for SweetFX 2.0 makes the colours of the world pop that much more, ensuring a vibrant visit to the Commonwealth. 

Lowered Weapons

Fallout 4 mod Lowered Weapons

The wasteland is a harsh place, so it's no wonder your character is always on edge, with their rifle raised and ready. If you’d rather things were a little more relaxed, this mod keeps your gun in a lowered position until things kick off. It looks more natural on screen, and also frees up a chunk of vision previously obscured by your ready weapon. 

Leaves on Trees

Fallout 4 Mod leaves on trees

The most depressing thing you can see in Fallout 4 are the forests of leafless, dead trees. Add a little more life to Boston’s rural districts with this mod that puts leaves on trees. If the green colours of that mod are a little too vibrant for you, try the more autumnal shades of Colourful Leaves.   

Enhanced Blood Textures

Fallout 4 Mod enhanced blood textures

There is a lot of blood in Fallout 4. Great torrents of thick, spattery blood. Since you’ll be seeing a lot of it, it makes sense to make sure it looks as pretty as it possibly can. That’s exactly what Enhanced Blood Textures does. 

Water Enhancement Textures

Fallout 4 Mod enhanced water

Since the Charles River is a location you’ll frequently be passing by in your travels through the Commonwealth, you’ll want it looking suitably wet and watery. If you’re finding Bethesda’s own water textures just aren’t up to standard, try this Water Enhancement Textures mod.  

Eyes of Beauty

Fallout 4 mod eyes of beauty

Perhaps Bethesda purposefully make their characters’ eyes dull and soulless just to keep the Eyes of Beauty mod in business. It worked wonders in Skyrim, and is back for Fallout 4 to make NPCs' orbs of jelly look just that little more pretty. 


Fallout 4 mod decay

If you’re absolutely disgusted by the use of actual colour in Fallout 4, then Decay is what you need. It adds a suitably Fallout filter to everything, returning the game to the days of 2008 when everything was a sickly shade of radiation green. No more eye seizures for you! 


Fallout 4 mod E3FX

Made by the same modder behind The Witcher 3’s exceptional E3FX mod, this reshader adds SSAO, realistic lighting, and sharpening to help bolster the atmosphere of the game, without radically changing the colours. 

Commonwealth Militia Armory 

Fallout 4 mod assault rifle

Quite a few people have apparently been moaning about Fallout 4’s assault rifle, which rather than being an actual assault rifle is a massive water-cooled Maxim machine gun that they used to mount in trench pillboxes. Determined to make something more interesting and sci-fi flavoured, thespaceman0915 created this mod, reskinning the assault rifle as a Commonwealth Militia rifle

Fallout 4 Settlement Mods

Manufacturing Extended

Fallout 4 mod Manufacturing Extended

Contraptions DLC added several interesting manufacturing elements to Fallout, but this Extended mod brings even more interesting and complex additions to the system. New machines can take junk directly from your inventory and create whole new items from them, generating power armour, faction gear, or even cola for your every need. If you’re feeling really gross, you can even get a mod for this mod that lets you use a butcher machine to create Soylent Green.  

Looks Mirror

Fallout 4 mod Looks Mirror

Remember the magic mirror from Fallout 4’s opening? The one where you could change your looks, features, and even gender, just by looking at it? Well this mod allows you to install one of those reflective cabinets in any settlement, meaning you can access the character creation screen at any time. Need a nose job or a new hair style? A glance at this and your wish is fulfilled. 

Robot Home Defence

Fallout 4 mod Robot Home Defence

So you’ve seen the Automatron Fallout 4 DLC and love the idea of having robot servants, but don’t like the idea of paying money for things. Enter the Robot Home Defence mod, which allows anyone with ranks in Robotics Expert and a Fusion Core to create their own AI slave. 

Protectrons, Mister Gutsies, Assaultrons, and more are available to be built and defend your settlements from raiders. You can even have any number of robots accompany you on your travels around the Commonwealth. Having trouble with a mission? Just take an army of droids with you! 

Snap’n Build

Fallout 4 mod Snap'n Build

Fallout 4’s settlements building system is great, but it's by no means perfect. Snap’n Build improves it significantly by adding quite an obvious function: snap-together components. They’re kept in their own tidy section of the build menu, meaning you can use both means of construction, but the snapping elements of this mod makes multiple-tier building so much easier. Don’t tear your hair out trying to build the perfect staircase, just download this mod.  

Functional Weapon Racks

Fallout 4 mods weapons racks

The opening menu for Fallout 4 shows a variety of cool weapons proudly displayed on the walls of the Red Rocket Garage. It’s all for show though: try and do this yourself and you’ll just find half a ton of weapons falling in a pile on the floor. This mod adds fully-functioning weapons racks to the game, meaning you can finally show off your rarest finds and creations. 

Better Settlers

Fallout 4 mods Better Settlers

Add some variety to your settlements with Better Settlers. It makes sure there’s a larger sense of diversity among your generic settlement population, and also provides them with better weapons. There’s also now the chance for them to use stimpacks, and Lifegiver and Adamantium Skeleton perks to make them hardier in battle. Not only will your towns be more interesting to live in, but better equipped to fend off raiders.   


Fallout 4 mods greenhouse

If you’re deep into Fallout 4’s settlements side, then you know how vital good plant keeping is. If you want populations to thrive, then you need crops, and lots of them. Keep your mutfruits and melons protected and healthy in this Greenhouse, which can be built from the structures menu. It’s not just a single item: you can build your greenhouse however you please with the variety of walls, floors, and roof tiles. You’re just moments away from creating your own glass superstructure. 

Create a Settlement Anywhere

Fallout 4 mod create a settlement anywhere

Building settlements is Fallout 4’s killer feature, but you have to set up home in exactly where the game tells you. If you’ve found the perfect hillside retreat though, don’t let rules and regulations stop you from building a castle. Just install this mod that lets you slam down a workshop anywhere in the world and create a settlement location around it.

Unlimited Settlement Objects

Fallout 4 Mod unlimited settlement objects

Don’t let anything stifle your creativity, especially Fallout 4’s object limits. The game prevents you from building any more items in your settlements when you reach a certain limit. This mod breaks that barrier and lets you craft as much as you please. Don’t take no for an answer, just mod instead! 

Infinite Settlers

You’ve modded your game to make sure you can build with no limits, but it’s pointless having a massive town if you can’t fully populate it. Fill all those hotel rooms and shanty houses with as many people as you’d like with this Infinite Settlers mod.  

Homemaker - Expanded Settlements

Fallout 4 mod homemaker

If your settlements just don't quite feel like they’re packed with enough home comforts, the Homemaker mod is what you needs. It adds over 100 new items to the game’s crafting system, allowing you to create a wide variety of new objects to furnish your settlement with. New lights, chairs, showers, crates, crops, and many more items are added to the crafting menu when working on your settlement. 

Better Generators

Fallout 4 mod Better Generators

Settlements are big, but not big enough to waste space. If you want to have plenty of lighting and laser turrets guarding your zones you need a boat-load of power, and that means generators. To power an ambitious settlement you need to make so many generators you’d may as well build the walls from them. Reduce the amount of engines you need chugging in your villages by installing this Better Generators mod, which ensure each standard unit produces much more power. 

Crafting Workbenches

Fallout 4 mod crafting benches

Crafting is a huge part of Fallout 4, but unusually weapons and armour are something you can't create from scratch. Sure you can modify existing ones, but making your own bespoke item? Sorry. Until now, that is, with these workbenches that introduce new crafting systems for post-war weapons, armour, and clothing. You can even craft ammunition. Just drop these in your settlement and get your gun nut hat on. 

Settlement Supplies Expanded

Fallout 4 mods Settlement Supplies

Another mod for vastly increasing the amount of items you can create and place in your settlements. Settlement Supplies has 243 static objects like cars, trees, and rocks, alongside over 100 usable items and a new alternative Power Armor Rack design. 

Working Food Planters

Fallout 4 mod food planters

If you’re a budding Fallout 4 farmer, you’ll know the pain of trying to get crops going in urban settlements. Without soil, there’s no life for your precious tatos. Use this mod though, and you can create a bucket of soil in your settlement to plant crops in. Problem solved. 

Fallout 4 Gameplay Mods

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool

Fallout 4 mod tool

Since you’re playing Fallout 4 on PC, chances are that you want to fiddle about with its settings a bit. This small and easy tool allows you to adjust things like field of view, framerate locks, and mouse sensitivity. 


Fallout 4 mod Jetpack

Craftable as a standalone backpack or part of cybernetic torso gear, the CROSS_Jetpack is a far superior variant of the rocket booster available for normal power armour. The pack can be used for flying, leaping, and jet-assisted sprinting, making it useful for all manners of terrain crossing. Crafted at the Chemlab, there’s no need to mess around with power armour at all. Just feed in materials, light up, and take to the skies in style. 

Beast Master

Fallout 4 mod Beast Master

Ever fancied a Deathclaw as a sidekick? The Beast Master mod allows you to do just that, granting you the power to tame creatures in the wild and recruit them as companions. They won’t just simply follow you around either; the mod has functions to let you rename your pet, accessorise them, send them out on scavenger hunts, and mutate them with serums. A far more interesting creature feature than the Wasteland Workshop’s taming function. 

Minecraft FO4

Fallout 4 mod Minecraft FO4

More a bit of fun than an actual hybrid of two game styles, Minecraft FO4 brings the visual flair of Minecraft to the wasteland. A new location, it has all your favourite blocks: grass, dirt, wood, redstone, and more. Fallout enemies have been Minecrafted up, so expect to see raiders with bright green faces take on the role of creepers. A settlement area allows you to using crafting within this world, making it a little Minecrafty, but this is mostly about bringing fun, colourful nonsense to Fallout’s dour world.  

Wasteland Imports

Fallout 4 mods Wasteland Imports

If you’re a Fallout veteran you almost certainly have a few favourite items from the many different wastelands. Perhaps that’s a refreshing bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla, or a dose of Cateye. You won’t find them in the Commonwealth, but you can change that with Wasteland Imports. This mod makes various legacy items available in Fallout 4’s shops. 

Ransacked Relays and Shuddersome Subways

Fallout 4 mod Ransacked Relays

If you’re hungry for some additional scripted content, then this quest mod will keep you going a little further. It contains two new dungeons with quest lines that hand out decent rewards. There are bosses to be fought, new weapons to be found, and creepiness to endure. The mod is fully voiced, too, to keep up those professional standards.  

Wasteland Camping

Fallout 4 mod campsite

Boston’s a big place and, while there are plenty of collapsing houses to make a home in, you may decide it simply feels more authentic to camp on the roadside when night draws close. This camping mod adds the ability to light a fire, set up a tent, use sleeping bags, and cook meals on the campfire. It’s a simple but effective way of engaging in a little post-apocalyptic roleplay. 

Be The Dog

Fallout 4 mod Be The Dog

When designing your character in Fallout 4, ‘Man’ or ‘Woman’ is about as diverse as choices get. Don’t settle for that though: use this mod to Be The Dog. We’re talking playing the entire game as beloved pooch Dogmeat (or another type of dog should you so wish). With a Pipboy strapped to his leg, Dogmeat is ready to tackle the Boston wastes with a variety of bite-attacks, while dressed up in doggy gear (no guns or power armour here!).

And yes, even when playing as Dogmeat you can recruit Dogmeat as a companion, meaning you can play the game as a doggy duo roadtrip. A canine buddy cop movie, if you will. 

Take Cover

Fallout 4 mod Take Cover

Fallout 4’s shooting is already better than anything in the series before it, but trust modders to improve it even further. Take Cover adds in a Deus Ex-style cover system where the camera pulls out into third-person when crouching or leaning against walls or other bullet-stopping objects. You can then lean out and fire with just a click of the right mouse. You can even vault over low items for that authentic cover-shooter vibe. 

The mod has plenty of options, allowing you to either enter cover automatically upon contact or use an assigned hotkey to snap-to it. And it certainly goes a long way to helping increase the intensity of Fallout’s firefights.  

Desert Rangers Armour

Fallout 4 mod Desert Rangers Armour

The Desert Rangers hail from Nevada, and apart from being ruthless and efficient survivors, they’re well known for having the best armour in the whole United States of Fallout. This exceptional sandy variation of the classic New Vegas threads requires the NCR Ranger armour mod to work, but for the sake of fashion that’s a small task to ask of you. 

Armorsmith Extended

Fallout 4 mod Armorsmith

The ultimate in defense, the Armorsmith Extended mod makes ten massive changes to Fallout’s armour system. The most notable improvements are the ability to wear multiple armours together (such as clothing under plate) and being able to wear a hat and masks or glasses at the same time. Practically every form of armour is now craftable, including a new Therm Optics armour that increases stealth by cloaking the user when stood still or sneaking. 

Modern Firearms

Modern Firearms


More guns for you there? This mod adds a few more modern armaments to Fallout 4's arsenal of sci-fi weaponry and 60s styled technology, and in classic weapon-fetish style they all look lovely.

Wearable Backpacks

Fallout 4 mods backpacks

Considering Fallout 4 is a game that involves an awful lot of picking things up, your character has nothing to hold all that junk in. No, not even pockets! This mod adds backpacks to the game, which means not only is there now a logical place for all your junk to be kept, but it also comes with the added bonus of extra carry weight stats so you can cart around even more things. 

We Are The Minutemen

Fallout 4 mods Minutemen

The Minutemen are the Commonwealth’s last hope. While it’s understandable they’ve been crippled by time and poor resources, as you help them during Fallout 4 they never feel much more than a group of shabby survivors. We Are The Minutemen makes them a much more formidable force. The most handy adjustment is scaling Minutemen patrols to your level, so when they come to lend a hand in battle they’re actually helpful. 

True Storms: Wasteland Edition

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There’s already some impressive storms at play in Fallout 4, but why not make them more epic with some devastating weather effects that come as part of the True Storms mod. The Skyrim variant was brilliant, and with the addition of radiation rain and heavy dust storms it’s sure to add some brilliant extra atmosphere to Fallout 4. 

Craftable Armor Size

Fallout 4 mod armour size

Fallout’s armour choices are all pretty basic: while it comes in many pieces for each limb, they all pretty much amount to basic knee/elbow pads and a chest plate. Craft more interesting armour with this mod, that allows light/medium/heavy variations of the leather, metal, combat, raider, and synth armour types. Not only are there stat benefits, but you can look much cooler too, with big plate armour without the need of the power suits. 

Realistic Death Physics

Fallout 4 mod death physics

Fallout 4’s engine has an ‘interesting’ approach to physics. Notice how, when punched in the face, ghouls are flung back fifteen feet? I mean I know you’ve been working out, but sheesh. The Realistic Death Physics mod recalculates all the gravity and force calculations on dead bodies, reserving big knock-backs for only the heaviest calibre weapons. 

Classic VATS

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The VATS system in Fallout 4 is a little different to the one seen in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Back in the day, the system would freeze-frame the action rather than just slowing time to a crawl. If you’d rather be the true master of time and not risk close enemies being able to take a bite out of you in VATS, then opt for this mod that uses the ‘classic’ stop time method.  

Carry Weight Modifications

Fallout 4 mod Carry Weight

As much as we all love Fallout 4 there’s something none of us can deny: there’s a LOT of time spent faffing in menus, especially when it comes to trying to choose what items to hang onto when you’re over-encumbered. If you’re on the hunt for as much scrap as possible, you’ll know this is a real pain. Remove your weight woes with this mod that ensures you can carry exactly as much as you want to, be that carting the entirety of Boston’s bin contents on your back, or reducing it to more realistic levels. 

Improved Map With Visible Roads

Bit of a tweaker this, it does a bunch of stuff to the map to make it a little more usable. The mod also makes roads visible (you're shocked, we know) so you know where's easy to traverse.

More Where That Came From - Diamond City Radio

Fallout 4 mod Diamond City Radio

Fallout 4’s radio is wonderful, but it’s not exactly GTA in scope. While this mod doesn’t have the benefit of adding multiple stations with various music styles, it does add 74 new lore-friendly tracks to the game, meaning you won’t quite be getting sick of Atom Bomb Baby so soon. The tracks are even woven in to ensure Diamond City DJ Travis still gets to broadcast between tunes. There's also Atomic Radio, a similar mod with wider goals.

Realistic Survival Damage

Fallout 4 survival damage mod

The Survival difficulty mode means you can essentially be killed in a single hit, but the odds are certainly not even for you. Enemies become bullet sponges, with your damage output being half what it usually is. Not exactly representative of real life. Make bullets powerful again with this damage mod, which keeps enemies challenging and dangerous, whilst still killable with a well-placed headshot.   

More Armour Slots

Fallout 4 mod armour slots

Quite a few of Fallout’s clothing options prevent you from equipping limb armour, which quite frankly doesn't’t make sense. Why can I wear arm guards over a Vault-Tec jumpsuit, but not over a two-piece? This mod champions logic, and allows you to wear armour plating on all kinds of clothing, which means you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to armour and charisma boosting gear. There’s a few clipping issues since armour was never intended to be worn over clothing, but that’s a small price to pay for the huge benefits. 

Atom Bomb Babies

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Atom Bomb Baby is a 1957 song recorded by The Five Stars, and one of the tracks on Fallout 4’s soundtrack. It also seems to be the inspiration behind this mod, that takes the lyrics quite literally. It replaces the mini nuke ammunition for the Fat Man launcher with babies. Your baby, in fact. Your quest to find Shaun is over, as you fire him out of a length of gutter and watch him detonate in a mini mushroom cloud. 

Full Dialogue Interface

Fallout 4 mod full dialogue

Many players have been annoyed by the simplified dialogue choice system in Fallout 4, which displays short paraphrases of what your character can say, rather than the whole dialogue. This mod replaces the Mass Effect-style interface with a more traditional Bethesda one, listing full responses in a numbered list.

Fire Team Support

Fallout 4 Mod fire team support

When things get sticky in battle, you need friends to rely on. This mod makes your allegiances with factions even more useful by allowing you to call in members as a Fire Team to support you. You can summon individual or groups of Brotherhood of Steel and Minutemen troops. Or, if you want to go really crazy, there’s the option to call on tamed Deathclaws. 

Unlimited Crafting Supplies Container

Want to make more stuff, without finding more stuff? This adds a container outside of Vault 111 that has an infinite number of crafting materials in it, letting you refill whenever you need to. It refills itself every couple of in-game days, so you just need to wait a little while outside of its zone of influence if you somehow run it out of the max value it has inside.

Junk Batch File

Fallout 4 mod batch junk

More of a outright cheat than a mod, this batch file will dump 1000 pieces of each junk item into your inventory, providing fresh fodder for you to craft with. The file can also be used to add 1000 rounds of every type of ammunition. 

Remove Power Armour Drain

Fallout 4 cheats and console commands

Power Armour requires fusion cores in order to keep moving, and they’re not the most common sight in the wasteland. If you’re finding it impossible to keep your armour rig fuelled up, this mod allows you to cheat a little and stop your armour from draining batteries. 

Configurable Power Armour Fusion Core Drain

Fallout 4 mod config power drain

If you’re struggling with the woes of Power Armour chewing its way through Fusion Cores, but don’t want to cheat the system entirely by modding the game to ignore power drain, this configuration mod is for you. You can set how fast cores drain, meaning you won’t need to pack ten for a long journey. Think of it of upgrading to a more efficient armour model, rather than actually cheating. 

Have you found any amazing mods for Fallout 4 not on our list? Let us know in the comments. And if mods are your thing, check out our Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Skyrim modding guides.

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xXThaKangXx Avatar
xXThaKangXx(2 days 11 hours played)
2 Years ago

I always thought, if not cars, a horse or a motorcycle wouldn't be too far out of bounds. When it comes to mods, I'm mostly looking forward to more quests and likely a weight limit mod so I can carry more. I'm a full blown hoarder in RPG games :D

Balgrin Avatar
1 Year ago

I've always wanted a Bicycle in my post-apocalyptic RPGs.

Easy to maintain, no fuel needed, it makes so much sense!

Have a pimpin' trike with a trailer for your hoarding need too

1 Year ago

you could use god mode in the console. You can run with as much weight as you want. Also, you can't die and have unlimited ammo. Just go into console by clicking the apostrophe (') or the tilde button (~). Then just type in (tgm) without the brackets. Boom, you have god mode.

Xerkics Avatar
2 Years ago

All i want is mods that make the game not look like the shitty console port that its going to be at release.

Xerkics Avatar
1 Year ago

Ive tried enhanced wasteland and i thought it was pretty terrible it messes up with your settings and doesnt really deliver any massive differences . If i was you people id wait for High Rez texture pack and not install any of those visual mods.

Shriven Avatar
Shriven(9 hours played)
1 Year ago

I always have a serious thing about animals, particularly dogs and cats in pain. Thus, Fallout 4 was on my "Nope" list until the glorius modding community stepped up to the plate. Now The Dog is a Gorilla...with the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger....


1N07 Avatar
1 Year ago

I know right :D Too bad it's just a static model with no animations though.

Namea Avatar
Namea(32 days 3 hours played)
1 Year ago

Quite a few of these are obsolete or not working now, just an update for people finding the article just now:

Eyes of Beauty is for people running Fallout on low end machines. The textures are quite small and they aren't very different from the original eyes in-game. I highly recommend checking out the other eye mods before you settle if you're playing on a better PC.

Craftable Armor Size no longer works with the current patch level and DLC. It's an awesome mod so keep an eye out for the creator to update! They are still around as far as I know.

Better Settlers is an AMAZING mod. For now you'll have to hold off on the optional looks pack because some of the prerequisite mods are no longer available due to the creator taking them down after they were stolen and posted for consoles without her knowledge.

True Storms does not currently work perfectly with the DLC but the mod author is hard and work on that! Look forward to an update to this spectacular mod soon.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Puce moose! Puce moose! Puce moose!

He developed hands down the best user-made content for Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Brilliantly written, charming, and very professional. His works added marvellous new dimensions to an otherwise sterile wasteland.

Some Mike Hancho would be nice, too. His 'build a home through scavenger hunting' additions were a nice way to pass the time. I wouldn't mind more of his shenanigans.

Ultimately, though?

Smartbluecat of Inigo fame writing and voicing a talking deathclaw. I would writhe with delight were such a thing to ever see the light of day. Unlikely, though. So no jubilant writhing for me.

I don't have too much interest in these open world games, but some of the mods made bits at least palatable. Inigo's comments on just about everything were a refreshing breeze compared to the Copy-Pasted Hills of Forever.

Edit: Oh, and something akin to NVInteriors would be vital if Bethesda did the same thing they always do. (A ridiculous excess of impenetrably locked doors you can never pass through to see what might lurk behind.)

jon_hill987 Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm waiting for a mod that makes it not voice acted and fixes the rubbish dialogue "choice" thing they stole from Mass Effect (the thing that made me stop playing Mass Effect after an hour). You can't role play when your character is voice acted.

Plutia Avatar
Plutia(4 days 20 hours played)
1 Year ago

decentish list... I'd like to add Fcom, War of the commonwealth and Another - Life Alternative Start(MUST HAVE), to list of great mods though, rarely see these mentioned.

Lolssi Avatar
2 Years ago

Since it's Bethesda game 1st one would be stop respawns or limit them somehow. Level-scaling fix would also be nice but that will take time.

The Master Avatar
The Master(10 days 22 hours played)
2 Years ago

You are aware that it's already been confirmed that there will be no enemy scaling?

Lolssi Avatar
2 Years ago

No I am not aware of that. Bethesda game so not really following it that much. They'll let me down anyways. Should I take this as confirmation? :)

Daniel Mtanous - USA Avatar

Some one please make Farming Simulator and Bovine Rancher mods.

Also please please Mod in Fishing like Chesko did for Skyrim.

Shriven Avatar
Shriven(9 hours played)
1 Year ago

Is there a basic, honest God Mode mod/code?

Matt Purslow Avatar
Matt Purslow(14 hours played)
1 Year ago

There is! I wrote them all down here for your cheating pleasure:

[PWNY] Fluttersnipe Avatar
[PWNY] Fluttersnipe(3 days 11 hours played)
1 Year ago

True storms is godamn amazing! So much atmosphere from a crazy ass thunder storm or the spectacular new radiation storm effects. It screws with my sound on occasion though, puts a large delay on the gun firing sounds, but a quick reload fixes it.

Rock1m1 Avatar
Rock1m1(8 days 15 hours played)
1 Year ago

Great list!

Ghost431 Avatar
Ghost431(27 days 16 hours played)
1 Year ago

Pre-War House Front Door Unlocked is a bit redundant since you can use a console command to do the same thing

coc prewarsanctuaryext I believe it is. All the houses would be locked so no interiors other than your own

sheuer Avatar
1 Year ago

Dear Fallout 4 players,

for my master thesis at the University Koblenz-Landau I conduct an interesting study that deals with modifications (“mods”) for Fallout 4, for which I would like to win you (!) as a participant. In particular, I want to identify reasons why players build their own modifications for the game but I am also interested in the opinions of players who have only played modifications.

As a small incentive, I raffle three 20€ Amazon vouchers among all participants.

The survey is aimed at players of Fallout 4, and it takes 8 to 10 minutes. Here is the link:

Thank you for your participation!