Fallout 4 is programmed to celebrate Christmas in Diamond City

Fallout 4

Fallout 3 didn’t really allow its ruined Washington any hope until its closing moments. But Fallout 4’s Boston is a world rebuilt: tattered and dangerous, but colourful and occasionally even homely. Nowhere is that colour more evident that in Diamond City, the “Green Jewel” once known as the Red Sox’s Fenway Park. Where better to celebrate Christmas Day?

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You know how your Pip-Boy tracks not only the hour, but the date of your adventures? There’s a reason for that. Special events are triggered during particularly times of the year, andRedditors have uncovered evidence of seasonal activity centered around the emerald metropolis. Near Halloween, the guards complain about a constant barrage of tricks and no treats, apparently. And at Christmas? Well:

Fallout 4

It’s no John Lewis window display, but it’s unmistakably Christmas. And so the list of compelling reasons to ever pull your head out of the wasteland grows shorter still. Think you’ll be in future Boston over the festive period?