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Fallout 4 mod replaces mini-nukes and enemies with Thomas The Tank Engine


Oh no. Not again. Implementing out of place models and textures in Bethesda’s immaculately detailed open-worlds is the go-to comedy use for the powerful modding tools. The internet’s addiction to Thomas the Tank Engine has paired with this in the past to turn dragons into your little blue friend. Now the same folks have modded Fallout 4 so Deathclaws, Vertibirds and more are all now the smiling, happy face of Thomas. Choo-choo.

If you missed it, Fallout 4’s Deathclaws have also become Randy Savage of all people.

Creators Trainwiz have named it Really Useful Fallout, obviously. Not only are various NPCs now your favourite railed friend, but he’ll also be fired from the game’s various rocket and mini-nuke launchers. Finally, the train-based mass-murder I’ve always wanted but was too afraid to ask for. Trainwiz has, wonderfully, created this trailer to show it all off.

Now you know you need it, so you can grab it from ol’ Nexus as per usual. It should work with any other mods that don’t alter models and sound for these things, but it’s all untested so continue at your peril. I think my favourite is his haunting, black eyes, staring into your soul before he rips you apart with apparent train-psychic powers.

There’s more screenshots and gifs over on the official Tumblr. We aren’t actually planning on finding a new horrific model switch every day, but if this continues we might not have a choice. Please stop making awful, amazing things internet, I don’t know if my eyes (and brain) can take it.