The Fallout 4 breakfast machine is that one Contraptions DLC video you’ve been waiting for

Fallout 4 Rube Goldberg

When we heard about the Rube Goldberg-esque Contraptions DLC for Fallout 4, we came to an immediate conclusion: someone, somewhere, was going to make that one video of a massive one going off, set it to some decent music and it would be fantastic. Today we present that video, titled The Breakfast Machine and including one Family Guy parody and some music from Undertale. Nailed it.

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Here’s how it looks:

The creator, Matthew Hamlin, tells us he didn’t think it would take more than a day, and wasn’t planning on a video much longer than 30 seconds – “like a quick joke, but in the end it took 5 days,” he laughs. “I’d say about 50 hours of work to get it just right, because clearly I’m a madman.”

It only takes about 30 seconds for everything to complete as “a lot of it is instantaneous as soon as the first switch is pulled. The video goes for 3 mins just because everything is filmed separately then put together to the music.”

Hamlin says that making it only required the DLC and a single mod – Place Everywhere – to get around some picky zoning restrictions in the base game. Presumably these included, y’know, stopping you ruining idyllic towns with exploding teddy bears.

As for the rest of his work, Hamlin runs a relatively successful YouTube channel focused on Fallout 4 videos called UpIsNotJump. You may have seen his Rick & Morty parody, his most watched video, or his recreation of the Civil War trailer.