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Fallout 4 trailer shows us how to survive the wasteland for longer by building Endurance


In Fallout 4’s desolate wasteland you’ll face mutants, radiation, injury and hunger: Sometimes you’ll have to eat something out of desperation; maybe you’ll find yourself in an irradiated area; perhaps you’ll have to fight, and on occasion you’ll need to run. Whenever you’re in any of these situations, your Endurance stat will help determine the outcome. 

Endurance determines your resilience to radiation and physical harm, allows you to develop a cast-iron stomach capable of chowing down on mutant crab or irradiated human flesh – it also lets you run for longer when the townsfolk find out you just ate Gary. He was old anyway, don’t look at me like that.

The latest video in Fallout 4’sS.P.E.C.I.A.L. series is all about keeping going like a mutant Duracell bunny. Check it out below:

The last one was all about Perception, and Charisma will be coming next week – so keep an eye on the site if you want to learn how to talk to people. In the meantime, check out how companions will work.