Build a base inside a Vertibird with this new Fallout 4 mod

Fallout 4 Vertibird Mod

A new Fallout 4 mod lets you to create a moveable home base inside a Vertibird.

So here’s how it works. Acting as a “hybrid” of fast travel and a player home/settlement, the Vertical Takeoff Outpost (VTO) is a “buildable Vertibird wannabe”, allowing players a small interior settlement that can be moved around. 

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You can’t quite drop anchor wherever you please, but you can operate it remotely. Which is kind of cool, let’s face it.

“This mod offers the player a new alternative way to move across the Commonwealth (and to lug all that junk you like picking up from all kinds of filthy places),” writes modder PCDug.

“It’s not all fun and games however,” PCDug adds. “The VTO is coolant-hungry and requires maintenance when something goes wrong. Having a handy mobile outpost outfitted with all your favorite comforts will always make you feel at home away from home.”

To get it, you’ll need to find the blueprints secreted around the game. And if you’ve designs of establishing up a settlement camp, think again – you can’t have anyone over to stay. You can, however, craft, cook, and, you know, hang out.

There’s restrictions as to what you can do when you’re flying it, though. As PC Gamer reports, decide to relocate, and the Vertibird’s motors start turning and the screen fades to black, kind of like fast-travel. To move around, you need to craft landing pads at the settlements you’ve already in place, or craft beacons and leave ‘em in spots you’d like to fast-travel to later.

There’s also “a lever on the inside that allows you to change the exterior appearance by retracting/extending the rotors (The rotors are folded by default to avoid excessive clipping due to a large footprint)”, plus two fireable turrets to shoot them baddies.

To grab the mod for yourself, head on over to the Nexus Mods page.