Fallout director Todd Howard to be honoured with lifetime achievement award at GDC 2016

Todd Howard

Todd Howard’s illustrious career has seen him work predominantly on the multi-award winning Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, since joining Bethesda in 1994. Today, it was announced that his dedicated graft has earned him a Lifetime Achievement accolade which he’ll be presented with at the Game Developers Choice Awards during GDC in March.

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Although starting out on The Terminator: Future Shock and Terminator: SkyNET way back when, Howard has since worked on every Elder Scrolls game besides the original – from its second instalment Daggerfall in 1996, right through to directing Skyrim in 2011.

After Bethesda took over the Fallout series from Interplay in 2008, Howard has also directed every Fallout game since – including last year’s Fallout Shelter.

“The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series present gamers with fully realized worlds filled with vast landscapes, and mystery at every corner,” said Meggan Scavio, the general manager of GDC events, in a statement. “We’re proud to honor the visionary developer for his leadership in creating these universes.

“When you’re completely captivated by these detailed worlds, it’s easy to forget the level of dedicated work and creativity that went into every square inch. This award reflects on the amazing craft of Todd Howard and his team in making worlds as real as anything on Earth.”

The Game Developers Choice Awards will be held on March 16 during GDC 2016.