Far Harbor is Bethesda’s biggest DLC, adds hours onto Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Far Harbor

Fallout 4’s first proper DLC is now out and will add at least another 15 hours of gameplay onto the monolithic post-apocalypse RPG.

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In terms of land mass, Far Harbor is the largest DLC Bethesda has ever made for any of the immersive worlds they have created.

The Synth-hunting storyline of visiting the island fleshes out an aspect of the world the original game glosses over fairly quickly as you go in search of a girl called Kasumi who believes she is one of the android-like inhabitants of Far Harbor.

The DLC is available now through Steam for $25/£20, and also features a mess of new weapons and armour, as well as a puzzle-solving minigame which will only make you want to tear what’s left of your irradiated hair out a little bit.

If nothing else, it’s another excuse to visit the wasteland again, which most vault-dwellers may have neglected given the deluge of incredible games we’ve been delivered in the first half of this year.