The official Fallout 4 mods site now lets you flag stolen content


Fallout 4 may be a good few months old now but the mod scene is young, growing and needs support. Bethesda are doing their best to provide, this week updating the official mods site with new tools for creators and users to help with moderation and curation on the service.

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Via VG247, here’s what’s been added:

  • Stats for mod creators to see number of downloads.
  • Better versioning tools that allow for custom names.
  • An optional required dependencies panel so mod creators can tell players what they need
  • Reporting tool updated for stolen content or piracy.
  • Comment tools similarly updated to allow for reporting
  • A Steam account with Fallout 4 is now required to upload mods to the store

All these updates should be live now on the Mods site. Hopefully it goes some way to preventing the console-based mod piracy that split the community in recent months.