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One of Fallout 4’s best mods has got a “DLC-sized expansion”

Sim Settlements 2's Gunner Outbreak update continues the mod's story while adding some cool new features to the settlement management gameplay loop

One of the more popular Fallout 4 mods this side of The Commonwealth has got a meaty new update. Sim Settlements 2 is the follow up to an equally warmly embraced mod that reimagined the building system so NPC settlers could construct their own darn homes under your supervision. Sim Settlements 2 has a similar sense of community, though it’s very much a story-driven affair, and that’s ever-present in Chapter 2.

Sim Settlements 2’s Gunner Outbreak expansion continues the mod’s story, adding three new additional side-quests for you to check out alongside some other neat new features. In short, you’re still on your quest to rebuild The Commonwealth, though Chapter 2 expands further on the backstory of the Gunners.

There are new groups to meet, too. The CPD has come together under the banner of pre-war police departments to oppose the growing Gunner threat. It’s up to you, though, to lead the group towards peace and justice or brutality and vengeance. The Nightingales, meanwhile, is a more peaceful sort, bringing with it a knowledge of old medicine and healing arts. The group is neutral and believes in helping everyone, though you can try to sway the Nightingales to take a side.

Of course, this is still Sim Settlements, so you won’t be escaping your supervision duties for long. Pollution and disease are becoming rife, so you’ll need to encourage cleanliness and build medical establishments to stop your settlements from being overrun by invisible toxins.

It’s not all bad being the boss, though. You’ve got a new game mode where you establish your faction headquarters, staffing it up to help you research technology and run The Commonwealth.

Here’s the trailer:

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Looking to the future, there will be a Chapter 3 update, though the team plans to release more minor quests in patches between now and then. If you’d like to download the mod, you can find it here alongside instructions on installing it.

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Image credit: Sim Settlements Team / Nexus Mods