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[UPDATED] Please Stand By: Bethesda suggest Fallout 4 news is imminent

Please Stand By Fallout 4

Update: Fallout 4 is definitely a thing. There’s a trailer and everything. 

Bethesda have launched a website with nothing more than a ‘Please Stand By’ notice. For anyone familiar with a certain series of games, this image is instantly recognisable and can mean only one thing. 

Fallout 4 is real, and news of it is imminent. 

Update:Bethesda have launched the official Fallout 4 website, with a pre-order link for a PC version, and this lovely new trailer.

For more information, check our news story on the full announcement.

Update: Reddit user /u/_Karmageddon has done some snooping in the countdown website’s source code, and found some interesting information. First, the source code directly mentions “Fallout 4”:

Fallout 4 Source Text

And if that isn’t confirmation enough, Bethesda seemed to have accidently made live the official Fallout 4 website, which for a short time displayed the exact same countdown. It was shortly taken down, but a WHOIS on the site’s domain reveals some pretty conclusive stuff.

Looking deeper into the source code, we can also spot pre-order buttons for PC (duh), PS4, Xbox One, and even the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Fallout 4 is a thing, and you’re going to want to be here tomorrow at 3pm BST to find out more!

Additional reporting by Nick Wilson.

Original article:

There’s a countdown beneath the text, which will conclude at 3pm BST tomorrow. It looks like our first big information dump about Fallout 4 will be coming within 24 hours. How exciting.

Until then, please stand by and start speculating – we did in our everything (we think) we know about Fallout 4. Do you agree with our speculations?