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These two new Fallout 4 videos showcase freedom and customisation


Bethesda clearly have some sort of psychic connection with me, because on the same day I write about player expression in open world games, they release two videos showing off some of the cool stuff you can do in Fallout 4. 

The first video is literally called ‘Player Freedom in an Open World’, even though it’s actually more about how smooth combat will be compared to the previous games.

Fallout 4 will feel like a shooter, but you can still dip into the stats and VATS stuff if you want. As always, you’ll be able to switch between first and third-person at will, and it might even be playable in third-person this time around. I just like panning the camera around my badass character from time to time.

I’m not sure whether the highlight of this video is the weighty gunplay or the beautiful and handsome Bethesda PR guy, Gary Steinman, asking Todd Howard deeply searching questions like, “But better, yeah?”

Have a look and decide for yourself:

The next video shows off the settlements and customisation, where players can create and place objects, building towns and outposts, even hooking up electronics, creating lighting rigs and defenses.

There’s a look at the weapon customisation, too, and it looks like there will be loads of different item combinations to make the perfect murder tool. I’m more interested in creating my own Power Armour – oh God, give this game to me right now.

Todd Howard also reveals that the modding tools will be similar to Skyrim’s creation kit and will release “early 2016”. Here’s the video:

I personally can’t wait to hoard all the crap. Here’s everything we know about Fallout 4 so far.

Is anyone not looking forward to this game?