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Fallout 76 allies: who are your new friends in the Wastelanders update?

How to recruit allies in Fallout 76


Who are the new allies in Fallout 76? As part of the Wastelanders update you can now recruit allies, who will set up shop at your camp and act as a general companion between missions. Someone you can sound off to, someone to cheer you up, and someone to send you off to complete missions to earn XP and loot.

So far we’ve discovered four allies in Fallout 76 all of which you have to win over before they join you at camp. Recruiting an ally depends on the ally themselves, sometimes it will be a lengthy quest to explore the ally’s backstory before you can recruit them.

You can only have one ally equipped at camp at any given time, but they can be swapped in and out as you see fit. They’ll set you daily quests and missions to earn rewards and loot, aside from being someone you can have a quick chinwag with before you scamper back out into the wastes.

The Fallout 76 allies are:


You need to help Beckett out of prison before he’ll set up a bar at your camp. He’s currently being kept captive at the Blood Eagle gang’s prison at Rollins Labor Camp. If you head to the western side of the map, you’ll receive a radio callout to help set him free. You’ll need to be at least level 20 to take on this mission, and once you’ve discovered Beckett, he’ll ask you to complete some tasks to get him out.


Head to Foundation where the Settlers live and where you’ll find the new bow in Fallout 76. Go to Pagie’s office by taking the elevator, where you’ll find an old man wandering around. He’s your guy.


You’ll find Commander Daguerre injured in an abandoned bunker in the Mire. Once you’ve received the radio signal, head towards East Ridge Lookout, and then south down the cliff face to find the bunker. You’ll want to be around level 20-25 to take on her mission, which involves retrieving her ship data and an encryption key from dangerous areas on the map.


You need to reach Cooperative reputation rank with the raiders before you can recruit the raider punk. You’ll find him patrolling The Crater, and once you’ve reached this level it will trigger a dialogue option for you to earn his trust through a series of quests before he’ll join your camp.