Fallout 76 bobby pins weigh 60 times more than they do in real life

Fallout 76 has one big, glaring problem: its bobby pins weigh far too much. They were weightless in Fallout 4, but now drag you down at a tenth of a pound per pin. Ten pins are one pound, according to 76’s weight tracker, so 100 pins weigh ten pounds. If you’ve ever touched a bobby pin in your life, you know that’s insane.

LukyJoeKokomo on Reddit did the math. A typical pack of 100 bobby pins ships from Amazon at a reported weight of 2.4 ounces, and that includes packaging. Fallout 76’s bobby pins weigh over 66 times more than the real thing.

Some commenters on Reddit speculate that these bobby pins are made of lead. If so, they’d make a much more useful crafting material than they currently do. Just melt them down and convert them to bullets, since 76’s ammunition is nearly weightless. But no, if you’ve got locks to pick you’ve got to stuff your pack with pounds worth of pins. Clearly, this is Fallout 76’s most pressing problem and needs to be addressed immediately.

Our Fallout 76 PC review mentions dull combat, griefers, and bugs, and though Julian also talks about the frustration of encumbrance, failing to note these weighty bobby pins is a significant oversight. How can we enjoy the realism of radioactive ghouls and Super Mutants when the bobby pins weigh so much more than their real life counterparts.