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Here’s your first look at Fallout 76 gameplay

fallout 76 gameplay

Bethesda have shown off the first proper bit of Fallout 76 gameplay at their Bethesda E3 2018 showcase. Spread across four sparkly new trailers, this is our very first look at what post-apocalyptic West Virginia will look like, what we will be able to do their, and what beasts and locations we can expect to stumble upon while exploring this fresh wasteland.


There are heaps of details from the reveal, dozens of new enemy types (as well as some familiar faces), new weapons like the MG-42 and a flintlock pistol, and a tease of the new map. More importantly, this is also the first look at an online Fallout game, replete with first looks base building, raid-like quests, and… emotes.


Be sure to check out our dedicated everything we know guide for all the latest details, not to mention the Fallout 76 release date.


It looks as if Fallout 76 is really embracing its West Virginia setting, too as a number key locations from the state can be spotted in the footage, as well as plenty of weird and wonderful creatures inspired by local folklore.

You can watch the Fallout 76 gameplay teaser trailer below.

Want to see some Fallout 76 online gameplay? Here you go.

And here’s a look at the base-building systems of Fallout 76.

Finally, here’s the Nuclear Warfare gameplay trailer.

There are heaps of new features on display, and no doubt eagle-eyed fans will have already started pulling every second of footage apart in search of unnannounced features. As for the notion of an online Fallout game? After seeing all of this I’m very much on board with it.