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Bethesda ran an “asshole session” to find ways to grief in Fallout 76

Here are the protections you can expect from Fallout 76 griefers

Fallout 76

August 11, 2018 You want details on what happens with Fallout 76 griefers? Bethesda has provided them.

Today’s Fallout 76 Q&A provided a whole lot of info on the upcoming game, but the biggest news was on PvP and protection against griefers. It’s a fairly unusual system, but one that sounds pretty well-suited to keeping players from being harassed – and there’s been plenty of internal testing to make sure in-game “assholes” are treated appropriately.

In fact, the folks at Bethesda say they ran an “asshole sessions” and encouraged everyone to be the biggest jerks possible while looking for solutions about griefing and PvP. One of those solutions is not to allow PvP until players reach level five. Another is an optional “pacifist mode,” which lets you set your weapons to deal no PvP damage – meaning no accidentally getting into fights if you’re firing into a crowd.

But the biggest protection is that you’ll be able to ignore and block specific players who you don’t want to deal with. That’s on top of the wanted system, which issues bounties for players who kill unwilling victims, and an opt-in PvP system which only gives rewards to those who actually participate.

This all echoes the sentiments we’ve been hearing from Bethesda since E3, which suggested that the studio was taking griefing seriously. The developers just declined to be specific until today. We’ll see it all in action when the Fallout 76 beta goes live, and you can probably expect more adjustments ahead of the Fallout 76 release date in November, as Bethesda figures out what does and doesn’t work in more detail.

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So while you are able to nuke each other these kinds of destructive possibilities won’t be something players can abuse to make your experience hellish. You can also just grab a private server and head into there with people you trust if you really want a secure time – or, at least, as secure as you can be in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.