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Fallout 76’s endgame is an endless nuclear war

Fallout 76 nuke

Fallout 76 is a live game, which means you’re supposed to be able to play it indefinitely. Thus, like Destiny or Warframe, it needs an endgame, so what it has is a “cyclical nuclear war.”

The map has a number of nuclear bunkers – you’ll cooperate with other players to find the nuclear codes, solve puzzles to reveal them, and then push the button to launch the nukes. Doing so will irradiate the affected area, changing the local weather, flora, and fauna. The whole area will become higher-level, with more powerful enemies and more precious loot drops, such as rarer crafting materials. Different enemies and items will even spawn depending on where you’ve nuked.

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Over time, the radiation will fade, and you’ll have to light the area up again. So in this sense the endgame is somewhat repeatable – perfect for those who want to grind and treat the game as a hobby. A likely 12-vs-12 deathmatch mode should also help keep such players entertained.

Clearly, Bethesda are coming for a slice of the lucrative cake that Destiny has led the way in, er… baking. The news comes via Noclip’s documentary on the making of Fallout 76 – you can listen for yourself here.

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