Fallout 76’s Public Test Server is coming back, plus there’s good news for base builders

Players will get to build to their "heart's content"

Fallout 76 fans, rejoice! Bethesda’s latest planned update to its online multiplayer RPG game will introduce the next iteration of its Public Test Server, along with a new C.A.M.P. shelters feature, which is specifically aimed at players who just love constructing their own creations in the West Virginia wasteland.

To access the new C.A.M.P. shelters feature, says Bethesda, players will need to build a door to the shelter in their C.A.M.P. “You’ll then gain access to an instanced underground location with a separate build budget from your main C.A.M.P.” It’s here, says the developer, that you’ll be able to build “to your heart’s content”.

“Shelters will come in varying sizes, layouts, and styles, and we’re looking to playtest three different types in this upcoming version of the PTS,” the studio says. “You can have one of each type in your C.A.M.P., and each will have its own budget. We’re also going to remove material requirements in the PTS, so that you can let your inner interior designer run wild without needing to spend time hunting for components.”

“Shelters will be the only new content available in the PTS at first,” Bethesda continues, “so that we can focus play testing, feedback, and bug reports on that feature.” However, the studio explains that “in the weeks that follow, we’re planning to bring additional content to the test server, like new Steel Dawn quests”.

Bethesda’s most recent update to Fallout 76 was the One Wasteland update, which it called the “biggest update since Wastelanders.” After a rocky start, the developer continues to iterate and improve on the open-world game with new features and tweaks.