A new Fallout board game project is being teased

fallout board game

Fantasy Flight Games is teasing something to do with Fallout. The board game publisher, which has helped to produce titles within a range of videogame universes, posted a tweet last night asking fans to “Please Stand By.”

That is, of course, pretty standard Fallout parlance for ‘we’re about to announce something’ – you’ll have seen that ahead of the official reveal of Fallout 76 earlier this summer. Bethesda’s logo, which appears in the bottom-left corner of the tease, further implies the imminent announcement of a new Fallout-themed product. 

It doesn’t feature in the board game, but Fallout: New Vegas is one of our best RPGS on PC.

There has, of course, already been a Fallout board game. Fantasy Flight released the game, which allowed players to attempt to navigate the wasteland while not giving any particular faction too much power, last year. Fans have already pointed out, therefore, that Fantasy Flight’s announcement is quite likely to be an expansion to that game, although the concept of Fallout tabletop RPG also seems to have excited plenty of players.

The Fallout board gamelets players delve into perk, attribute, and quest systems that players will recognise from Bethesda’s RPGs. If the new product is an expansion, it could be that it’s designed to tie in with Fallout 76, which is set to release later this year. That would match up reasonably closely with the announcement-to-release schedule of the initial game, so it seems a pretty safe bet.

You can check out Fantasy Flight’s tweet below, although there’s little to go on beyond speculation in the comments.

Fantasy Flight have also published board games set in the XCOM, Doom, and Civilization universes. Other forays into popular culture have included Game of Thrones and Star Wars games.