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Ambitious New Vegas mod Fallout: The Frontier shows off vehicular combat

Fallout New Vegas Mod The Frontier

One of the biggest mods for Fallout: New Vegas is still in development – it’s now on year three, and it’s almost done. The Frontier, a mod that’s adding in a whole new 16×16 km winter-themed area to the game is celebrating that milestone with a whole new trailer, released for E3.

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They’re not quite one of the big developers holding a conference, and it takes some guts to release a trailer alongside the huge titles of E3, but these modders gave it a shot and we noticed.

In the mod, there are entirely new effects, a dynamic and important weather system, plus a full main questline supported by side-quests that try to ask a few morally-charged questions. It looks like the sort of thing that could be a full official expansion.

On top of everything else in Fallout: New Vegas, you’ve got to fight against the cold, the Scav locals, and even take part in aerial dogfights. You can see some of those set pieces in the trailer above.

Over on the official site, they’ve got more details, with a few bars on their F.A.Q. describing how close the game is to being done. It’s currently at 74%, with the scripting being the main thing holding the game back. There’s no official date for a final release, but “winter” is what they’re aiming for, which seems quite apt.