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Fallout: The Frontier is a mammoth New Vegas mod that takes you to the icy ruins of Washington

Fallout The Frontier

If Fallout 4 didn't satiate those RPG cravings and had you longing for a return to Obsidian-developed Fallout, there's a Fallout: New Vegas mod coming this summer that's just for you. 

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Fallout: The Frontier is a massive undertaking created by a large team featuring four writers, five coders, a handful of 3D modelers, texture artists and even voice actors - and that's just the core. Some fully-fledged indie games have smaller teams.

It took a lot of people to make for a reason. The mod takes you to a whole new location in the Washington wastelands - a frozen expanse of ice and mountains, dotted with the odd camp.

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Here you'll have to cope with the elements in the form of the mod's all-new weather system, equipping different gear to protect against different conditions. It's made more believable by new visual effects too, like cold breath, footprints in the snow, spreading fire and mist. 

It's in this setting where you have to search for a secret that's being hunted down by Legion and the NCR. There will be drive-able tanks, aerial dogfights, new creatures, new missions and even a section that takes you into space, complete will low gravity simulation. 

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The mod is due for release in the summer, and you can can keep up with developments on the official site. You will need Fallout: New Vegas and all of its DLC to enable it.

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Rock1m1 avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Rock1m1 Avatar
Rock1m1(3 days 14 hours played)
2 Years ago

This is just...I have no proper words for it. I am can only imagine what the community will do with Fallout 4 down the years.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

This is a much more fantastic premise, isn't it? That's the thing, really. I mean, Fallout 3 was a simple squabble over a resource; In New Vegas we were decide the fate of a region; In Fallout 4, we... decide the fate of a region, except much more poorly written and without half of the imagination or choice/consequence on offer.

In this, though? This seems to offer the potential of space. The chance to take the franchise away from earth and to somewhere new.

A clunky atompunk colonyship staffed by robots, ghouls, super mutants, sapient deathclaws, and humans alike in a unified effort to find a new home. It's probably not that clever, really, but it has the promise of being clever. I like potential.

I know how people are, though. So some of that potential will be ripped away by making this a human only affair. Boo. But still, I'll admit that even that's more interesting than what Fallout 4 did/is doing.