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Fallout New Vegas mod overhauls the aging movement and FPS mechanics

A new Fallout: New Vegas mod revamps the entire movement system, turning the RPG into a proper first person shooter with modern mechanics.

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Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most popular games of all time. Naturally, the PC version has spawned thousands of useful mods that improve the game’s slightly outdated shooter mechanics. While a handful of mods over the years have done their best to improve the gameplay of New Vegas, this latest mod may take the cake (or the sweet roll, in this instance) as the best mod to turn New Vegas into a proper first-person shooter.

Despite releasing over a decade ago, Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas is still one of the most stellar RPG games you can play today. So much of the post-apocalyptic game stands the test of time, including the storyline and dialogue options. However, the gameplay is the one bit that doesn’t necessarily work as well as it did back in 2010 when it originally launched.

The movement and gun fighting in New Vegas, upon returning to the game, is slightly stale. Movement feels like a slog and trekking across the desert wastelands takes quite some time. With so many modern shooters granting players the ability to move more seamlessly, we’ve been spoiled in the interim, leaving New Vegas feeling like it could use a fresh coat of paint.

Now, thanks to a new mod from ‘Wombat’, the game’s entire movement system has been improved. The mod introduces movement bug fixes, entirely new sprinting animations, and the very useful ability to move diagonally in first-person, along with much more including an animated prone framework as well as enhanced leaning which introduces more natural movements. They describe the Enhanced Movement mod as an “all-in-one movement animation and function expansion for both 1st and 3rd person perspectives.”

Wombat even made a full trailer for the Enhanced Movement mod. In the trailer, the modder shows off all the brand-new animations they’ve put into the game from the ground up, including first-person diagonal movement, dedicated weapon sprint animations, and enhanced sneaking for those who prefer stealth gameplay.

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Since the mod was uploaded on Sunday, March 16 it’s already been downloaded by over 17,000 Fallout: New Vegas players. If you’re looking for a reason to dive back into the Mojave desert and complete a playthrough of New Vegas, this new mod should certainly accompany you along the way, and make the experience just that much better.

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