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Todd Howard doesn’t want to step on your Fallout New Vegas playthrough

As questions rage about the future of New Vegas after Amazon's Fallout TV show, Todd Howard makes it clear he doesn't want to step on it.

Fallout New Vegas: a man with long ish curled brown hair

As a part of the series canon, Amazon’s Fallout TV show raises a lot of questions. I’m sure many of these will be answered in the now-greenlit Season 2, but until then there’s a Mojave-shaped cloud over my head that I just can’t shake. The show has a lot of implications for Fallout New Vegas, and while I was initially apprehensive about what Amazon would do with it, Bethesda’s Todd Howard at least seems to be level-headed.

As an executive producer on the show, Howard has a hand in the creative direction of Amazon’s take on the wasteland, and while he didn’t develop Fallout New Vegas – with The Outer Worlds and Pillars of Eternity studio Obsidian instead taking the helm – he will be a part of that location’s future. Given that the last shot of the TV series shows us the Lucky 38 and the New Vegas Strip in ruins, there’s no doubt we’ll be returning to the beloved RPG’s locale.

If you’re worried about what this means for Fallout New Vegas and its multiple endings, you’re not alone. I broke down what Fallout Season 2 could mean for New Vegas back when the show premiered, with my main concern being that the series would step all over New Vegas’ many endings, cheapening their impact. Luckily for us, Howard is keenly aware of this dilemma and has addressed how he hopes to deal with it in a new interview.

“First I’ll say [Obsidian] did an amazing job with New Vegas,” Howard says during a new Kinda Funny Gamescast. “I can’t speak to things that we’re doing with the franchise in the future, obviously, but New Vegas is a very, very important game to us and our fans.

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“If anything the show is leaning into the events there. Season 2 is going to be featuring some of New Vegas and we’re careful about maintaining the key events of that game and the great content in it. It’s difficult to deal with when you’re going back to an area where a game had multiple endings – we have some answers there, but it’s hard.

“It’s hard to canonize or say ‘this is exactly how that game ended,’ so whenever we can I like to avoid it,” Howard explains. “Don’t refute anything that happened, be careful when you’re specific about what happened. We want that game, and what the players did, to be their reality and truth.”

By the sounds of it, we won’t outright see who won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam at the end of New Vegas in the Fallout show. Considering either the New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion, Mr. House, or you alone can come out on top depending on your choices, dancing around these endings won’t be easy. That said, I’m really glad that Howard wants to leave all the possibilites and players’ own stories intact.

Fallout has always been about how, despite a nuclear holocaust, humans will be at each other’s throats for what they think is right. Giving us multiple endings in these games exemplifies that, and not having the Fallout show step on this for the sake of TV is only a good thing.

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