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Fallout just got real, as suspected Chinese spies infiltrate Alaska

In a bizarre example of life imitating art, the Fallout 3 DLC Operation Anchorage just got kind of real, as alleged Chinese spies are found in Alaska.

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Fallout’s nuclear conflict has a relatively complex backstory, beginning with environmental issues, depleting resources, and, basically, people spending too much money on great big domestic robots (although we do love Codsworth from Fallout 4). But one of the central events to trigger the RPG game’s eponymous apocalypse is the conflict between China and the US that erupts in Alaska – Fallout 3’s DLC Operation Anchorage being specifically set in a computer simulation of the tipping point Alaskan standoff. And now, in a wild example of life imitating art, a key moment from Fallout history seems to be kind of happening in real life, as suspected Chinese spies are reportedly trying to infiltrate Alaskan military bases.

Reports have emerged outlining “several” instances whereby suspected Chinese spies have tried to access the US Army’s Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks – the second most-populous area of Alaska after Anchorage itself. In one incident, a vehicle containing Chinese citizens “blew past” a security checkpoint and was made to stop by officials. After a search, the vehicle was found to contain a drone, with the occupants reportedly claiming to be tourists who had become lost.

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“Many other countries and nations understand the strategic importance of Alaska,” Mary Peltola, a member of the House of Representatives for Alaska’s at-large district. “I think that this re-emphasizes the need for the United States of America to really understand and keep investing in the strategic location.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported Fallout having a real-world precedent. Just last year, a microbiologist offered a convincing explanation of how Feral Ghouls, the skinless, quasi-zombies found across Bethesda and Obsidian’s RPG series, could actually become a reality. I just wish it was a bit more innocent – I wish you could really get Nuka Cola Quantum, it looks delicious. Anyway, you can read the full report on the suspected Chinese spies from USA Today.

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