Far Cry 4 trailer reveals elephants to be murderous monsters

Far Cry 4 trailer

If Far Cry 4’s soundtrack is anything like the one in the latest trailer, I’m pretty much sold. Yeah, murderous elephants and junkyard helicopters are cool, but they need catchy tunes. 

Ubisoft’s showing off some new shenanigans from the explosive, open world romp, in between a bombardment of praise and hyperbole from E3. It looks like good times. 

I don’t know what’s riled up all of those elephants so much, but they are going to town, stomping and charging all over the place. It’s like watching a drunk Glaswegian take a trip to the Himalayas.

At least they aren’t jumping between vehicles and stabbing men in the throat like our pal Ajay, though.

Far Cry 4 is due out on November 18th.