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How to take over a Himalayan base using just one of Far Cry 4’s elephants

Oh sure, she looks relaxed. Wait till you stick a base of bads in front of her.

Far Cry 4 might well be about false passports and terrible public transport and “tearing shit up”, but it’s also still very much about stumbling into a fortress that isn’t yours and deading every last mother’s son inside.

The way you go about that is up to you. Two methods are on show in this playthrough: there’s your traditional stealth approach, which involves alternately offing very nearby and very far away enemies with knives and sniper rifles. And then there’s the elephant.

The footage comes from the Yogscast network, who it turns out have a very direct approach to bypassing big wooden gates.

The best bit is when somebody parks their jeep on the wrong dirt road, and the thing’s on its back before you can say ‘enthusiastic amateur mechanic’.

There’s a risk associated with Far Cry being in first-person: it’s the only perspective in which it’s possible to forget you’ve got a ginormous animal underneath you, and not just another trundling mech or oversized buggy.

Ubisoft Montreal counter that with regular trumpetings, and a tendency to hurl baddies into the air right in front of your face. Helpful reminders, y’know?

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