Far Cry 5 Arcade maps: the best and weirdest map editor creations

far cry 5 arcade maps best

A sturdy and robust map editor has been a part of the Far Cry series since 2008, but the assets and tools available for editing Far Cry 5 Arcade maps are the best so far. Already, creators are releasing entertaining, immersive, and ridiculous maps to play in PvP and PvE. Whether modelled on other great multiplayer maps and games, or original creations, these are the best Far Cry 5 Arcade maps.

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How to find, play, and vote for Far Cry 5 Arcade maps

far cry 5 how vote maps

If you only want to play solo and co-op Far Cry 5 Arcade maps then finding and playing maps is a simple endeavour. Simply jump into Arcade mode, head over to the solo and co-op section and either browse the front page for maps that pique your interest or hit F to bring up the search function. Here you can hunt for more specific creations by name, gameplay type, and most popular.

Playing Far Cry 5 Arcade maps in multiplayer is a much more complicated affair and is not explained in game. The only way to play the map you want is to join a multiplayer lobby and hope to be one of the randomly appointed map pickers. This will give you just over 20 seconds to search and put forth a multiplayer map that the rest of the lobby can vote for – there will be four other maps to vote for so your chances are slim. Those 20 seconds are not enough to casually search for a map, so be ready to bring up the search bar and type the name of the exact map you want the second you realise you are a map picker. You can improve your odds by heading into a multiplayer lobby with a few friends.

Hotline Miami

As you may have discovered while using Far Cry 5’s brilliant shovel, you can lob your melee weapons to lethal effect, a mechanic that supposedly reminded one Far Cry 5 player of Hotline Miami’s throwable weapons, prompting them to pay homage to the neon-drenched shoot-em-up with this map. While short and easy to complete once you get hold of a gun, the tone and idea of this map are spot on, from the strobe lighting to the quilted bomber jackets of the goons you will be flinging baseball bats at.

Silo Parkour

far cry 5 arcade maps silo parkour

There might not be any enemies to kill in Far Cry 5 parkour maps, but you can still expect to die many times over while attempting to reach the end of this map. Taking its design cues from John Seed’s Bunker in the main game, Silo Parkour extends the sequence to the point of absurdity, and adds some grapple hook segments for good measure.

Shipment – COD4

far cry 5 arcade maps shipment

Whether you loved or hated this tiny map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, there is no denying the genius of its level design. This Far Cry 5 Arcade map recreation of Shipment is not particularly easy on the eyes, but it is functional, delivering both multiplayer carnage and a hefty dose of nostalgia as you attempt to survive for more than three seconds without getting killed from behind.


far cry 5 arcade maps coastal

Coastal is an original creation from Ubisoft that was put into Arcade to show players what the map editor is capable of. Styled after a pirate’s cove, Coastal is a close-quarters PvP map for free-for-all battles. High walls and a waterline contain the action while ramps, crates, and towers provide ample opportunities for vertical play. We particularly enjoy the custom loadouts: buccaneer, corsair, and crow’s nest.

COD Zombie 02

far cry 5 arcade maps cod zombies 02

Far Cry 5 might not have any zombie AI, but Eden’s Gate cultists who are high on Bliss behave very similarly. Get too close and these enemies will turn very hostile, very quickly. COD Zombie 02 is a PvE Far Cry 5 Arcade map that embraces these enemies, placing heaps of them in a tight urban space and providing you with the simple aim of killing them all. You will have to kill 230 zombies in total, so take full advantage of the weapon pickups scattered around the courtyard, stay on the move, and try not to shoot any of the ammo crates or you will be left fighting with spades. Advice: try not to aggro too many of these guys at once.


Is there a more popular, better known multiplayer map in all of PC gaming than CS:GO’s De_Dust2? This Far Cry 5 Arcade map recreation looks stunning and has clearly been made by a Counter-Strike veteran with an eye for detail – from the choke points to the prop, everything is mirrored perfectly.

The Collapse

far cry 5 arcade maps the collapse

Set within a burning city, The Collapse is team deathmatch Far Cry 5 Arcade map that is small and simple, but makes up for it by channeling all of its action into one gloriously chaotic street battle. Both teams occupy the ruins of demolished buildings, using burnt-out cars and piles of rubble for cover as they attempt to push the opposite team back into their spawn. Like Coastal, The Collapse was also made by Ubisoft, but showcases a successful team deathmatch map rather than one designed for free-for-all battles.

Far Cry 5 Nuketown map

far cry 5 arcade maps best nuketown

The beloved multiplayer map that has appeared in several Call of Duty games was quickly recreated as a Far Cry 5 Arcade map. This 8-bit version brings its own visual charm to the table, while still being a faithful and accurate recreation of Nuketown. The size is spot on, the centre of the map features the same tight corridor of parked vehicles, and most importantly, you can spawn camp the enemy team into rage quitting.

Cult Island (Far Cry 5 PUBG map)

far cry 5 arcade maps pubg

It was only a matter of time until some smart cookie combined PUBG and Far Cry 5 Arcade maps. The result is Cult Island, a very, very condensed version of PUBG’s Erangel that makes for a fast and frantic battle royale. The focal point of the action is a church with a bell tower: control this and you have a good chance of earning your very first Victory Chicken Dinner Royale or whatever Far Cry 5’s equivalent is.

Super Sumo!

far cry 5 arcade maps super sumo

Nevermind all the buzz around battle royale games though, we think this Far Cry 5 Arcade map is onto the next big thing in multiplayer gaming: big rig sumo wrestling. Each player spawns into a ring suspended above an apparent abyss with no weapons, a ten-wheeler, and seven enemies to defeat by ramming them over the edge. When it comes to multiplayer level design, sometimes less is more.

Sunken City

far cry 5 arcade maps best sunken city

This Waterworld-inspired Far Cry 5 Arcade map sees you navigating a partially submerged city, swimming between rooftops, and silently eliminating enemies with a bow. It is neat concept that has been executed with polish, making for a great assassination sandbox. Of course it could definitely be improved by a Kevin Costner or two…

Those are our picks for the best Far Cry 5 Arcade maps. Seen any great maps that you would like to share with us? Sound off in the comments below.