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Far Cry 5 gameplay trailer has dogs that play fetch with guns

Far Cry 5 church

We got to see how Far Cry 5 plays – turns out it’s like a Far Cry game with more churches. Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference got us our first proper glimpse of the battle in Montana.

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After a brief cinematic featuring the cult praising rifles to the tune of Amazing Grace, we got a quick bit of gameplay footage showing an outpost being attacked by the player and a buddy. The Guns For Hire system, that allows you to call on an NPC helper to blast some enemies for you, was featured, with the demoed companion being a sniper called Grace Armstrong.

Also along for the ride was Boomer, a dog tamed as part of the Fangs for Hire system. There’s a bit where it attacks a man and brings his rifle back for you to use. It’s one of the best moments in Ubisoft gimmick history.

Overall it looks to be Far Cry as usual, but with prettier graphics and a few flashy extra systems. We’ll be finding out much more in the months before the game’s release in February 2018.