Far Cry 5 has no political message

Far Cry 5 sinner

When Far Cry 5 was announced, it looked like the game was primed to be a piece of political satire, a comment on Trump’s America, or even a look at religious extremism from an angle relatively untouched by videogames. Apparently that’s not the case at all. 

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In an interview with the BBC, executive producer Dan Hay explains that videogames are coming to the stage where they’re able to tackle different topics and explore different themes. Videogame creators are becoming more brave, it’s true. There are now plenty of game stories that hold a mirror up to the real world, particularly in the indie scene. 

It would be refreshing to see a triple-A studio tackling tough subjects with a bit of bite, though. After all, Ubisoft even claimed that The Division - a game about weaponised capitalism and armed civilians fighting for the streets of New York - had no political message. Now they're taking the same approach with Far Cry 5. 

“We now have the ability to explore some of these different themes and different ideas, and so I think we knew that we were going to make something that was interesting,” Hay says. “Sometimes I get asked the question, ‘well did you know and does it have a specific political comment?’ It doesn’t. We made this game, the idea for this game, you know, three years ago, two and a half years ago, and had no idea what was going to happen in the world.”

Far Cry 5 is out next year, February 27. 

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Darkedone02 avatarDecal141 avatarJenks avatar
Darkedone02 Avatar
2 Weeks ago

True it may not have a political message, it don't have to be... however it does send in a message about religious fundamentalism that is tormenting the world once again, expectantly when the most you hear from these fundamentalist are both Christians and Muslims of their faith are the most popular. It help shows you once again on the ugly said of belief and faith to the extreme (hence extremist), and it helps reinforce my belief is why religion is mostly detrimental to society then it does help society...

Jenks Avatar
2 Weeks ago

Why call out "Christians and Muslims" and not Jews and Buddhists? Because lumping Christians with Islamic violence is absurd, it's something idiotic leftists love doing.

Darkedone02 Avatar
1 Week ago

It's because both groups are the most popular of pulling this kind of bullshit then jews and buddhists people. Considering how both religions are wide spread in many nations and countries around the world, then buddism, hindu, jainist, and other beliefs out there, Christianity and Islams are the biggest elephant of the room of religions.

Which is why most things we hear some god awful shit is either both religions shouting out their intolerance for other beliefs instead of being respectful and letting it happen, and many turn to zealotry and fundamentalist behavior has been rampant on both Christianity and Islam.

The History of both religion just show just how ugly their believes are, and how hypocritical they could be, and this game although not teaching a political message, but like I said, it's showing us a religious message, and that's showing the ugly side of faith, beliefs, and the corruption of humanity. The ones we are all familar with thanks to modern and past actions of many groups... The Crusades, The Witch Trails, Salem Witch Trails, ISIS terrorist group, the KKK, and so many are plain examples to this day.

Now I guess you might get the big picture of why atheism is growing, we are sick and tired of religious zealotry and fundamentalist behavior from people too highly addicted to religion like a drug.

Decal141 Avatar
2 Weeks ago

Shame, I was looking forward to killing fundamentalists.