Far Cry 5 sold 2.5 million copies in its first 5 days


Update, April 30: Far Cry 5 sold an awful lot more than its most recent predecessor.

Far Cry 5 sold around 2.5 million digital units on all platforms in less than a week. Data firm Superdata release figures showing off an impressive increase over Far Cry Primal.

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Superdata’a figures were only for March, so given that there were only five days left in the month when Far Cry 5 release, its numbers are particularly impressive. It was the ninth highest-grossing game on PC for March, and did even better on console, coming in second behind only Fortnite Battle Royale.

Those digital sales are also impressive when compared to Far Cry Primal. The most recent Far Cry game before 5 saw mediocre critical reception, yet sold well. Despite that, however, Far Cry 5 saw digital console sales outstrip Primal’s by 500%.

It clearly wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan though – UK software charts from GFK show the game maintaining second place across all platforms more than a month after release. Console-exclusive God of War currently tops the UK charts, while Nintendo Labo is in third place.

Original story, April 5:Far Cry 5 has sold just under five million copies in its first week. That’s double its predecessor’s week one sales, and has given Ubisoft’s stock an 8% bump.

The news comes from investment firm Jeffries Group, via a report at Boursier, a French business site. Industry observer DomIsPlaying translated it and tweeted it out:

We already knew Far Cry 5 was doing well – Ubisoft themselves had said it was their second-biggest launch ever (after The Division), and it stormed to the top of the UK sales chart.

Still, five million copies in a week is extraordinary. Jeffries Group say it took Far Cry 4 a whole year to shift eight million. If you’d like to add to Ubisoft’s successful week, Far Cry 5 is on Steam here.