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Far Cry 5 sells five million copies in a week

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Far Cry 5 has sold just under five million copies in its first week. That's double its predecessor's week one sales, and has given Ubisoft's stock an 8% bump.

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The news comes from investment firm Jeffries Group, via a report at Boursier, a French business site. Industry observer DomIsPlaying translated it and tweeted it out:

We already knew Far Cry 5 was doing well - Ubisoft themselves had said it was their second-biggest launch ever (after The Division), and it stormed to the top of the UK sales chart.

Still, five million copies in a week is extraordinary. Jeffries Group say it took Far Cry 4 a whole year to shift eight million. If you'd like to add to Ubisoft's successful week, Far Cry 5 is on Steam here.

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