Far Cry 5 releases February 27, trailer introduces you to its religious cult

Far Cry 5 shooting

Update May 26, 2017: Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Far Cry 5 that introduces us all to its extreme cult, Project: At Eden’s Gate. Led by the charismatic and violent Joseph Seed, it’s caused quite the ruckus in Hope County. 

The trailer comes bundled with a release date: February 27, 2018. No doubt we’ll learn much more very soon. At E3, perhaps?

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The trailer comes accompanied by three small videos that introduce some of the game’s core cast. You can read more about them in our look at five things you need to know about Far Cry 5.

Update May 24, 2017: Ubisoft have released a new piece of art for Far Cry 5, showing off a scene straight out of The Last Supper, only with a group of what look like white supremacists instead of, you know, Jesus and that.

As is tradition in the Far Cry series – at least since the third game – the bad guy is front and center, sat with his disciples at the head of the table.

Here’s the image

Far Cry 5 Last Supper

As you can see, it’s all very patriotic. We’d bet you’re up against American nationalists or even Christian extremists. I mean, that dog (wolf?) has a flipping cross drawn on its head.

Anyway, there are more details coming on Friday.

Original Story May 22, 2017: Ubisoft have just officially announced Far Cry 5 via a series of video vignettes. This time we’re heading to the old US of A, right into the heart of Hope County, Montana.

It looks like a modern day Western, with the short videos giving off some No Country for Old Men vibes. Look at this guy getting his head bounced off a church bell – he’s wearing a denim jacket.

There are also telegraph poles in the background there, so it’s definitely a contemporary setting. Still, the landscape looks lush, all mountains, forests, and open fields.

Just be careful you’re not shot in the back when legging it across all that land, unlike this unfortunate fella.

Ubisoft say a full, proper reveal is coming on May 26.