Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon footage seeps colourfully into the eyes and ears of the waiting internet


Somehow, someway, a release-state 15-minute intro sequence for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has been filched from an electro-drawer at Ubisoft Montreal and tranferred to the hive mind via a Flash Gordon drive. The video is precisely long enough to confirm that the summer belongs to openly parodic ‘80s-future cyborg commandoing. 

In the video found on NeoGAF, the player can be seen navigating about a purple-hued post-Nuclear Earth, stealth-killing his way between targets in traditional Far Cry fashion. Enemies can be tagged in advance for chained stealth-murder, and distracted with thrown D20s.

There’s no hint in the helicopter sequence and the base assault that follows of the player-driven exploration that defined Blood Dragon’s parent game, though it’s unlikely that this sort of tutorial funnelling will be indicative of the game’s direction as a whole.

Speaking of tutorials, Montreal are setting out for big laughs at other games’ expense with “the ABCs of War” (“Jump if you feel like jumping / crouch to get lower / climb to get higher”).

Cyber Commando #1: “Men want to be me-”

Cyber Commando #2: “And you want to be with men. Got it.”

Tonally speaking, it’s immediately evident that there’s nothing to be taken at face value in Blood Dragon – least of all its protagonist, Sergeant Rex Colt. Our commando has uploaded to his cyboral cortex not only the ‘80s one liners so conventionally beloved by FPS heroes, but also a parodic take on alpha male homophobia.

Oh, and there’sthis.

Hey, May 1 release date – whatchoo doing all the way over there?