Farming, a new UI and a TF2-style item editor are all in the cards for Rust

Rust update

In a Rust weekly update, Garry Newman’s laid out Facepunch’s future plans for the Darwinian survival game. The game hasn’t seen any major updates recently, which Newman apologises for, and he notes that the team are working on getting them out quicker. But that’s going to take longer than a week.

In the mean time, there are future plans. Plans for farming, a Team Fortress 2-style item editor and a new UI; all things that our Matt is very excited about considering his Rust review.

“Something we’ve wanted to explore for a while is the possibility of an internet-based item editor,” Newman said. “We want to get it in a position where anyone on the team can edit items. Then we want to open it up to the public – like TF2 did with hats. Obviously items submitted by the public wouldn’t automatically appear in game. We’ll be looking through them, you’ll be voting on them, we’ll be editing and accepting them and making sure it all works.”

The website side of things, he explained, is the easy part. But getting the items in-game might take a couple of weeks due to a lot of stuff needing to be replaced. “The good news is that it’s all crap and needs replacing with a better system, and once we’ve laid the foundations we’ll be able to add new items like it’s nothing.”

The UI is being tackled because it’s a bit rubbish. And, Newman said, it’s stopping the team from adding a lot of new features, because they’d all have to reworked or the code thrown away when the UI is eventually changed. So it needs to happen sooner rather than later.

He doesn’t go into much detail about farming. “It’s what it sounds like,” he said. “We need to explore a bunch of performance issues we may or may not have with the system – so this is taking longer than expected too.”