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Farming Simulator 15 declares war on trees; launches on October 30th

Farming Simulator 15

The surprisingly popular Farming Simulator series is set to return next month, on October 30th, with Farming Simulator 15 – which is not actually the fifteenth iteration of the sim. As expected, the new version will once again allow prospective digital landowners to till soil, plant and grow crops, raise animals and faff around in an open world. 

But this time farmers will also be able to cut wood! Take that, trees. 

Farming Simulator 15 also boasts a brand new physics and graphics engine, making the all new Nordic setting a lot prettier, presumably.

Along with a range of new vehicles and tools, including 20 new brands, the latest game in the sim series introduces logging. Forests can be managed, and trees can be chopped down with chainsaws and their corpses can be flung into wood chippers – grisly stuff.

Modding and online support will be available, too, and 16 farmers will be able to team up and manage a farm together.