Fear Effect Reinvented, a “true-to-the-original remake”, will release in 2018

Fear Effect Reinvented

Forever Entertainment have announced a remake of Fear Effect. Fear Effect Reinvented will be a “true-to-the-original remake” of the first Fear Effect game, which was released in 2000.

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The game was announced in a teaser trailer and features the original game’s protagonist, Hana. The video mostly aims to show off the enhanced graphics of the remaster, with minimal information about the rest of the game.

The history of Fear Effect is a little confusing. Two games were first released on the PlayStation 1, but a planned PS2 game was never released, so the series never went any further.

In 2014, Square Enix, who own the original Fear Effect, announced their Collective division, which helps increase the publisher’s indie presence, as well as allowing developers to work with their existing titles should they wish. As a result, French development team Sushee took over Fear Effect, and are currently working on a new crowdfunded project, Fear Effect Sedna, which is an isometric strategy game that takes place in the Fear Effect universe.

However, as soon as Sedna was announced in 2016, the company received repeated requests from fans to remaster the original games. Benjamin Anseaume, Sushee’s CEO, says “as soon as we announced Sedna and the revival of the franchise in April 2016, we got a lot of emails, tweets and Facebook messages to request remakes of the first episodes, and more surprisingly, a release of Fear Effect Inferno.”

It was these requests that encouraged the team to develop the remaster of the original game, which is due in 2018 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Fear Effect Sedna is due to release in 2017.