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Fear Factor: Infinite Crisis adds Sinestro to the roster of champions

Infinite Crisis adds Sinestro

A sunburned fellow with a wee, pencil thin moustache is not the most imposing of villains, but Sinestro, Green Lantern turned bad, has done a pretty good job of overcoming his stupid appearance. 

Hal Jordan’s one time mentor and greatest foe is the latest DC character to get added to Infinite Crisis’ roster, and he’s even brought along his good buddy, the hideous yellow cosmic monster, Parallax. 

Sinestro floats about, creating hard light constructs using his willpower. He can chuck sawblades at foes, swipe at them with a scythe and even summon Parallax, tossing the fear monster at enemies with a skill shot.

Sinestro’s introduction means that three of the Lantern Corps are represented. He joins Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire), and if a few more get chucked in, we can get a proper light show going.

Infinite Crisis’ open beta is on going, and you can download the client here if you want to take a peek.